How often do you clean your guns?

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  1. I own 5 handguns, 2 rifles, and 1 shotgun. When I go to the range, about once a week, I put 100-200 rounds through them. 100 through the higher calibers, 50 for me, 50 for the wife, and then maybe 100 each on the 22's. I clean the primary carry gun every time I shoot it, and usually let the 22, and .380 go 3-4 times between cleanings. Do I clean too much, not enough? How often do you clean your guns?

  2. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Once a week if i dnt shoot them or if i do i clean them right afterwards

  3. american lockpicker

    american lockpicker New Member

    I try to do it after everytime I shoot them, if they are being carried or used once every few weeks to once a month.
  4. jonm61

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    Handguns generally get cleaned after each range visit. Long guns get cleaned every, or every other, range trip.
  5. KeenansGarage

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    I clean my competition gun every two around 300-350 rounds.
  6. havasu

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    Keep in mind that the climate where you live also needs to be considered when determining how often a gun needs cleaning. Rust = Bad!
  7. GAgal

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    We usually clean after every trip to the range.
  8. Grabber GT

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    We have 3 pistiols and a rifle. After every trip to the range they are inspected and if they need it they get cleaned. So, they get oiled for sure and cleaned every other trip.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'm probably right near what everyone else does. Cleaning is the only thing I do not like about guns.

  10. Tys 4x4

    Tys 4x4 New Member

    Clean my handguns after each time at the range. Or if I've been carrying one more then the other, I'll break it down and make sure everything is clean.

    Rifles and shotguns, after a few times at the range.
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  11. jelder

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    Clean my guns after I shoot them. If not shot in 2 weeks they still get cleaned
  12. rivalarrival

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    At the very least, I'll run a boresnake through the barrel after every outing, but most of the time I actually clean it after I shoot it.

    My extended family likes to do a mass cleaning session about every other month or so, usually after a big range trip. We get together every gun we can find and put the kids to work. The little kids clean field-stripped pistols; the bigger kids clean detail-stripped pistols and long guns; the adults teach, supervise, and inspect their work, and preach safe handling.

    Last time, we dragged out a half dozen of granddad's guns that had been stored for awhile.
  13. Blackridge

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    The competition stuff gets cleaned after every event, 22's rarely if ever (with the exception of lubing/boresnakes) and AR's/1911's/etc after every few shootings...

    For me, it all comes down to how heavily theyre being used. My Open G22 seems to like running a little dirty, so it doesnt get as much attention payed to it as the Production G34
  14. Hesher420

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    After I shoot them - General cleaning - barrel, bolt, ignition group

    After every 5 outings or so - thorough cleaning - all above and, gas chamber, trigger assembly
  15. AWESOME!!!

    I do the same with my daughter.

    As far as how often? Detail after every outing but i'm purposely against all my normal anal ways not cleaning one of the Gen4's. For how long? I'm not sure, just want to see how long I and it can go.

    I actually enjoy the cleaning process.
  16. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    Yeah, it's fun. My daughter could talk you through field stripping a Glock before she started kindergarten. :D

    The last round of cleaning was brutal. We started around 6pm on new years eve, and didn't finish until almost 3am. Of course, we were having a new years eve party on the main floor, and everyone kept wandering in and out of the cleaning party downstairs. Detail stripping granddad's old guns was a nightmare!
  17. dillonsai150

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    Personaly, I clean mine after going to the range and once a month if they are stored.
  18. Working two jobs I get to the range when I can so if my glocks sit around for a month I take them out and clean them wipe them down, but always clean then after the range
  19. Dirty J

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    Thought this was, not


    I usually clean my Glocks every 300-400rds. My AR about the same...

    These guns are designed for 1,000s of flawless rounds before failures... I don't want mine to get spoiled! :cool:
  20. VCMike

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    I try to clean after every range trip. I know it might not be necessary, but I like to keep them clean!