How often do you clean YOUR Glock

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  1. Well, I have heard some mixed things about cleaning your Glock....

    Some people say they don't clean anything in it until they have 1000+ rounds since the last cleaning (Which makes next to no sense to me IMO) And I have heard some people say 500 or so rounds.....

    Personally, I think its wise to clean everything up after each time you go shooting, but I know there are those die hard people who say that that is "over cleaning" and it is bad for it..... but lets hear what everyone has to say about it.
  2. kimo

    kimo New Member

    I clean it after every trip to range.
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  3. ^ yeah like I said, thats what i do too, I feel like it is a smart choice, but some people wait longer and I made this thread to hear their reasons as to why they do that...
  4. iguana0983

    iguana0983 New Member

    I do the same. Let's put it this way. How often do you think our soldiers fighting amongst the enemy in the middle east clean their guns? For you to have a fully operating weapon it needs to clean.
  5. kimo

    kimo New Member

    Absolutely, I served on active duty in the army. When over seas I would clean my M4 everyday. Doesn't make sense to me why someone would say not to clean it and leave gunk? What does that help?
  6. army198523

    army198523 New Member

    Clean after every use. Good habit to have.
  7. Glock_Guy199

    Glock_Guy199 New Member

    After every time I use it.
  8. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    Clean after every trip to the range, which is often.

    Wednesdays and alternate Saturdays, when we have FA classes, and any other day in between when I shoot.

    But then again, I use ultrasonics, not brushes, so no chance of "wear" from cleaning! :)
  9. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    I brush any gunpowder/metal out of the bore and slide after every trip to the range, and I actually clean with solvent about every other trip to the range. I will detail clean by breaking the whole weapon down every so often because I don't want any gunk building up in the firing pin channel. I've honestly heard of people detail stripping their gun and placing the slide and frame into the dishwasher. So I think you'd have to try really hard to break your gun through cleaning.
  10. malladus

    malladus New Member

    Wow, I may get carted off for GLock abuse. The only one of mine that gets cleaned even remotely regularly is the G34 open gun. Its such a tempromental beast that I clean it after every use and lube it before each use to make sure nothing messes it up.

    For the Glocks, I've gone up to a year in some cases with doing no more then running a bore snake through them and giving them a few drops of lube. I think the 17 went almost 6 months without any cleaning or lube at one point and showed no signs of wear or damage.

    The tolerances on Glocks are loose to make the parts interchangeable without smithing, also means they can run real dirty for long times without any issues. And if you lube them correctly they don't tend to collect crud in areas they shouldn't. I can't remember who the professional shooter is, but someone asked him about cleaning his match guns and he said he didn't other then a little lube and a boresnake until they started malfunctioning. His reasoning was based on the fact that the gun wears in after some use once cleaned and that stripping it and detail cleaning it resulted in issues with accuracy and function.

    Now if I rely on a handgun for my day to day well being it gets cleaned after ever use. For my Glocks that would be the 26, but as of late its been replaced by my 642 so it doesn't get the attention its used to after range trips. My revovlers getted wiped down and snaked after every match, and get a detail clean about every 4 or 5 matches. Rifles get cleaned after every use typically, especially since they don't get shot as much.
  11. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    It's not completely necessary to clean it thoroughly, but this is my EDC so if my life is dependent upon this gun functioning properly, I'm making sure it will work haha.
  12. malladus

    malladus New Member

    When you talk about function, that is probably one of the Glocks greatest strong points, it can get crud every where and it will still work if you don't tweek it to much. I've done several classes and matches that require 1000 - 2000 rounds fired over the course of a day or two. Last one I went too we fired over 3000 rounds in 2 days. Of 30 shooters, 28 were glocks. All guns where locked up at the range in the evenings, so no chance to clean them what so ever. Of the 28 Glocks, 4 had no factory mods and all 4 went down at some point. The 24 factor guns keep running besides getting hot enough that when it rained they steamed and you could burn you hand on barrel.

    Another example is my 17. I shot a 1000 round match on a saturday, did a 500 round match on Sunday. Put another 500 rounds through the gun over the following week. Then shot two 500 rounds matches back to back the next weekend. Another 500 rounds of training and then did that 3000 round class. Didn't clean the gun at all between them. Got back home and had to go out in the field for work for 2 weeks. Carried the 17 the whole time, got home shot a 250 round match and then a 500 round match before cleaning the gun finally. Not a single failure to fire or malfunction.

    Not recommending that you do the same, but based on that I would not be worried if I didn't clean the gun or another one of my Glocks other then the open gun.

  13. Well, I have seen some of the torture tests that some people do, like dragging them through the mud or the sand and picking em and and they are still good to go, but IMO I would NEVER come home from a day of shooting and not clean it if I could help it ya know?
  14. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    It is helpful to understand that by design, a Glock will function properly even with component tolerances that would be "loose" when compared to race guns or some M1911's. The parts will move, the springs will compress, and contact surfaces will engage, even with a degree of fine filth on them. Not so with other guns.

    That being said, it is a tool, and like any tool it deserves proper care. More so because it is possible that someday, somewhere, sometime, your life will depend on it going BANG when you need it to.
  15. Glocks

    Glocks Junior Member

    It doesn't matter if I were to shoot one round I would clean it after that one round. Absolutely everytime I shoot I clean it.

    CJKOLCUN New Member

    I clean mine about every other trip to the range but I will clean it right after a trip if I know it will be awhile before I go again.
  17. VCMike

    VCMike New Member

    Even though I do not believe it is necessary, I try to clean all of my guns after each time they go to the range.
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  18. Glock23Gen3

    Glock23Gen3 New Member

    I usually clean mine after every range session (or every other). Brush the lower half, upper half, and recoil spring with a toothbrush and clean the barrel with Hoppes inside and out, using a bore brush and clean patches on the inside. After a few hundred rounds, I will clean a little more thorough with a pipe cleaner for the harder to reach areas.

    What type of bore brush is everyone using? My Gen3 came with a nylon brush and my friend's Gen4 came with a wire brush. I had heard that you should be using a nylon brush on Glocks.
  19. What? you guys clean you Glocks??:D