How often do you clean your everyday carry.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by casey97, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. casey97

    casey97 New Member

    I live in Louisiana. With the high humidity of not only geography but also closeness to my body makes me question, how often do others in this forum clean their edc firearms?
  2. 762X51

    762X51 New Member

    Once a week for me

  3. ash1012

    ash1012 New Member

    After ever rang trip. So once a week
  4. mikecu

    mikecu New Member

    ^^^What he said^^^

    After about 1000 rounds I take everything apart to clean.
  5. Dan75719

    Dan75719 New Member

    At the end of the day I usually just wipe it down real quick just to get any sweat or dirt off that it may have picked up during the day. I try and do this every night. I do a field strip and a good clean every time I shoot at the range.
  6. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Field strip and clean and oil once a month or so, They argue with my that they don't really need it but I make them behave and take it like a GLOCK!!
  7. Thesarge

    Thesarge "The Sarge"

    Totally agree and that is the standard recommendation. Daily wipe down with a monthly field strip and clean/oil as if fired. All of my carry pistols, of various brands, are on this schedule. Bill
  8. henerey

    henerey New Member

    Too funny dutchs
  9. G-23

    G-23 Premium Member

    Depending on humidity, sweat and shooting I average about a month between cleanings. When I was carrying in a IWB leather holster during hot days I learned my body sweat was actually causing the guides on the receiver to rust. Switched to a keydex holster with a sweat guard and problem solved.

    I find I get dust bunnies in the barrel so a weekly snake (ing) keeps them away. I use a used tooth brush slightly bent (lightly heated) to just knock the crude out (like sunshot residue (gsr)) between cleanings.
  10. One of our deputies in this county told us during a ccw class he had fired his duty glock 1500 times without cleaning it...and counting. But then he needed a calculator to make change from a $100 bill for a $45 dollar class....He also stated that he did not intend to clean it until it did fail....:rolleyes:
  11. Dan75719

    Dan75719 New Member

    I hope that fail doesn't come when he is in a fight for his life.
  12. Nyckid211

    Nyckid211 New Member

    For me, his lack of foresight says it all. I hope for his sake, that failure is on the range, and not in a real world situation.
  13. Thesarge

    Thesarge "The Sarge"

    That is just plain stupid and I know all too well that LEOs are their own worst enemies. All of the proven world class combat pistols, such as Glock, HK, SIG Sauer and others, have undergone well published torture tests including thousands of rounds between cleaning. So these pistols will work under very demanding conditions. But no need to do that to a pistol your life rides on. A well maintained, clean, properly oiled pistol according to the manufacturer's specs is your best insurance. Bill
  14. I live in high humidity Florida and I'll field strip mine and wipe parts down & re oil about once a week, and always after a range trip.
  15. Two-Guns

    Two-Guns New Member

    I wipe down the outside of my gun about once a week. I may clean every 1000 rounds or so. I have a Gen 2 Glock 23 that has not been cleaned for at least 4000 rounds. I want to see how gummy it will get.
  16. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    That's just plain dumb
  17. Very dumb, I even would just hate knowing that it's all dirty inside.
  18. The same "professional" told the whole class that the one in nine twist in his 9mm glock ment that that bullet turned 9 times per inch...typical.
  19. Nyckid211

    Nyckid211 New Member

    Lmao, now thats hilarious!
  20. BrooklynBoss

    BrooklynBoss New Member

    My carry is a glock 23. I clean it after every range trip or or once a month. I check for lubricarion and or debris afrer dry fire practice weekly.