How many spare mags do you carry?

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    Seems we like playing cop or Seal Team Six. Most SD shootings max out at four shots. Why I train to make those count. Why I also cringe each time I read the 19 is best because it's concealable and has high capacity.

    Perhaps for those looking to enter a crack house or self conceived black ops mission. Rest of us probably will never live past four. Outside of a SHTF scenario there seems little value in being armed to the teeth where I live. In an actual SHTF scenario where I live I honestly don't think it would still matter. There's three million next door. Don't think I can store that many mags if suddenly it was each for their own and all forced to survive in a dog eat dog world. If caught in transit between where ever and home I don't think having excess mags would matter.

    The more I think about what I need the less I realize I actually can use. Perhaps growing up watching Rambo and Commando had previously screwed my view or having thought pistol rounds were guaranteed fatal. Best stopping power is a shotgun or riffle. I know of no area by me where either can be carried. More rounds of a limited effective weapon doesn't compensate for those better options.

    Think about it. In a scenario faced by multiple assailants armed with guns how exactly does one believe they can out last the others because they had spare mags on body? At least not where I live. I can't recall a single account of a civilian being pinned and having to experience what the FBI did in Miami that resulted in them going to 40. Truth be told. Neither had they and they purposely place themselves in harms way. We don't or at least we shouldn't.

  2. your post made me think about a lot of things, so I've identified several of your points I'd like to address. I'm not saying my answers are correct, only that they are my opinions.

    1. That sounds like something a gun control person would say. They seem to think that simply carrying a gun is only done by people who want to play cop or soldiers.

    2. I don't know what options you have available to you, but most of us don't have facilities to effectively practice a wide variety of shooting scenarios. It's good you're practicing to hit what you're aiming at, but marksmanship skills drop dramatically under the pressures of a self-defense actuation. I'm sure you already know that.

    3. I cringe when someone tells me that most shootings are done in 4 rounds and thus having a high cap firearm is unnecessary. What if you DO need more rounds because you're in that rare situation?

    The 19 or a similar capacity handgun is an excellent choice per many top level defensive pistol instructors like Vickers, Hackathorn, Spaulding, Givens, etc...

    4. That is a incorrect analogy, assuming the more effective round is not an option.

    The correct analogy IMO is: More rounds of a less effective round is better than less rounds of an ineffective round.

    5. Multiple attackers who may or may not be armed with firearms, may or may not be trained or capable of effectively using them. But if you run out of ammo and still able to fight, there are no time outs to go get more...

    6. On this, we agree 100%

    FWIW, I primarily carry a 7 round 9MM and a single 8 round spare. When on long car trips, I have a G19/23/26 with a couple spare mags in the vehicle.

    I also carry a first aid kit, a flashlight and lighter, extra cash, jumper cables, basic tools and supplies, and an extra change of clothes. Rather have and not meet it that the reverse.

    Bottom line, do what feels right for you, but unless you can see the future, it's all just levels of preparation for unknown future events based on assumptions that may or not be accurate.

    YMMV, and take care,


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    How I see it. Can't prepare for everything so prepare for what makes the most likely scenario. Why most don't carry parachutes when visiting/working in tall buildings. Each has had differing experiences. Therefore each has different expectations of most likely. I'm good with four rounds. I do carry 10. Hopefully I never use any.
  4. randy629

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    Full size .45 or 10mm with compact in the same caliber as a back up just as I carry while on duty. Always have extra mags.
  5. Concealed .....none. Open carry on property at times 2.
  6. Lucian_253

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    I carry two 8 round back up mags for my primary carry, S&W Shield 9mm. Then one extra mag for my B.U.G. Lcp2.
  7. Big1

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    I carry just one but when I'm carrying my 1911 or my single stack sometime I will take two.
  8. glockin9

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    When i'm CC'ing one of my semi auto's I carry one extar mag.
  9. Muaitai

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    I just carry an extra one, 15 X 9mm.
  10. RidgeRunner

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    I carry a 30S with a 10 round mag, and a 13 round mag in my pocket.
    Why? Because I want to.
  11. Easy_CZ

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    Just one spare G19 mag for my G19 and an LCP II as a BUG.
  12. Donn

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    Being retired, I don't go anywhere I don't need to be anymore. Typically, one spare mag with an auto pistol, two speed strips with a wheel gun. I can always add to it if, as John Wayne said, my insides tell me to.
  13. fireman5

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    I carry 2. In NY State, we're only allowed 10 rounds in the magazines.
  14. LT2108

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    I usually just carry one extra magazine
  15. Dark Knight

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    Usually one until I order one of your double carriers
  16. Slowalker

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    When I carry my G43 I carry two, when I carry my G26 I carry one model 19 magazine and if I carry my G19 I carry one model 17 magazine.
  17. MtnCCW

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    None with my G21, which I rarely carry concealed anymore. One with my single-stack Kahr P9, which I often carry concealed. Two with my 1911.

    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    Thought of carrying extra mags. Never started. Haven’t bothered. Can’t find a single incident of a civilian ever reloading in a self defense attack. I also don’t go where I don’t need to.

    Were I law enforcement. I’d probably carry as many as humanly possible. :)
  19. Retired1

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    I know of one incident where an off-duty officer, with his young daughter in the car with him, was in a ATM drive up lane when an armed robber came up to his window. The off-duty officer pulled his 5 shot revolver from under his leg and put all 5 in the chest of the would be robber. He had to surrender his revolver to the investigators but he was given a gun by on duty officers so he would not be unarmed on his way home.

    When I was working, I carried a G22 from 1993 on and 2 extra mags on my duty belt. I always carried a 2nd weapon both on and off duty. I never carried extra mags off duty.

    I now seldom venture out, but I arm myself according to a believed or perceived potential threat (local rural farming / ranching community or a big city). I always carry 2 guns when leaving the house. I do not carry any extra mags.
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