How many mags do you have for your main shooter

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  1. I have 10 for my G21. How many yall got? Whats the perfect number? :D
  2. Ach127

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    5 for my G27...will probably get a couple more in the future. I only carry two when I'm out. But, 10 would be nice for range day.

  3. unit44justin

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    Since I can use my G22 mags in my G23 I guess I have 7. I have my 3 G23 mags, 3 G22 mags and 1 22 rounder.
  4. david_jr

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    I have 5 for my G21
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  6. dslmac2

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    For the perfect number, I think that if you have an even number you should get another one to have an odd number, but if you have an odd number you should always get one more. This method works well for firearms also. (repeat)
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  7. TheKraken

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  8. Ach127

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    Lol...that is the best advice I've heard in a long time.
  9. For my G22C I currently have 8. 3 ~ 15 round mags, 1 ~ 22 round mag, and 4 ~ 31 round mags. I want 3 more 22 round mags though. :D
  10. I need more only have 2!I guess I will get 2 more mags for the 34. Its my first glock and I love it despite the problems with ejecting!
  11. Have 4 for the 21, 6 for the 30 if you include it's compatability with 21 magazines :)

    Perfect number of magazines? More!! Seriously, the more the better because you save soooo much time at the range if you load magazines ahead of time. Enough magazines to hold the ammo you shoot on an average range visit is ideal.
  12. Green-Water

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    I have two 17 rd mags for my G17 and also three 10 rd mags for the G17 for IDPA competition. I have two 10rd mags for the new G30 and a 13 rd mag on the way for the G30. Whew...that's all!! :)
  13. I have 3-15 round mags for my G35 and 1-33 round 9mm for my conversion barrel!! I really need more mags!!!
  14. Im at the just one more stage... been there for the last 5 I picked up :)
  15. I have 3 mags for my G27. It's my edc and I carry 2 mags all the time. The mags are 10 rounders, they have the Glock +1 extensions on all three. I want more and more and more times infinity :D
  16. Birddogyz

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    I have 5 for my G34 for GSSF matches.
  17. SHOOTER13

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    I own seven 10 round and two 13 round Glock mags for my G30SF...
  18. henerey

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    Normal day I just carry the one in my gun but I always have 2 in my car just in cast I have to go over to the otherside of the tracks then they go in my pocket
  19. ash1012

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    I have 3 mag with a Dawson +4 base plate and one regular mag for my G35 and 5 regular mags for my G23. There is a 22 rounder with a Dawson base plate in my near future tho :)