How many magazines do you own with your glock?

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  1. I was just curious on how many magazines do you owners own with your glocks? For range purposes and for home defense purpose. I'm going to order the extra magazines when I order my Glock 21 here next month and was curious how many magazines is too many magazines?

    Unfortunately I live in Illinois (yea Illinois gun laws are not the greatest) so I'm not to concern with how many magazines for conceal carry (right now at least) but if you want to give your in put on how many you have when you conceal carry, please chime in.

    Thanks in advance for your input!
  2. jfirecops

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    I carry one spare on me for ccw, may have one more with practice rounds in my bag.
    Total spare, I shoot GSSF so owning 10 means you do not reload during a comp and then I have one with carry in my pocket, so 11 mags per Glock that I own.

  3. I got lucky when I purchased my 2, Glock 21's. Natchez Shooting Supplies had a sale on them at the time for only $13.99 each if you bought them in quantities of 10 or more. So I bought 20 of them. These were new Glock factory magazines, not the crappy Korean knock offs. I don't think the Korean models were even on the market then.

    It was just a short time later they had the big price hike. For the rest of my Glocks I have around 5 or so for each model. I just picked up a 12 shot Glock factory magazine for my Glock 26. I think I paid $39.95 for it at Cabela's. I also have a total of 8 of the 33 round Glock 9 MM magazines. Midway has them on sale from time to time for $31.00 each. When they do they have a limit of 2 per customer. I only buy Glock factory magazines. It isn't worth the headache paying for cheaper magazines that don't work. Glock products always do, 100% of the time.
  4. G-23

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    10 per gun for range and or carry use.
  5. VCMike

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    I have at least four per gun.
  6. I currently only have 3 which is not enough for me. I like to have one spare in each vehicle and one extra on my person for CCW. I like to have a few in the house as well. so anywhere from 5-10. It's nice to have extras for the range as well so I spend more time shooting and less time loading mags.
  7. brettlongmore

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    2 HICAP for my 40 barrel and 2 for my 9mm barrel
  8. Levelcross

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    I carry one spare mag on me, and keep one in every car or truck that I might drive, also I keep one in my tool box ( I own my own shop ) and one in my ammo box and 3 in my Oh crap bag. So that makes 10 in all.
  9. Thanks for the input everyone. I wasn't that far off then on thinking having at least 5 from the get go. I'm pretty sure the 3 gen 21 comes with 2 mags total and I was thinking about getting at least 3. Now if I could find a deal like you found billt, then yea I would get ten in a heart beat.

    Maybe more cause I rather have more then I need instead of not enough cause even tho I haven't first hand experience it, I'm pretty sure reloading mags under fire is not the most desirable/fun thing to do.
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    I sorry, what does "to many magazines" mean? I recognize all of those words but they just don't make any sense in that order.
  11. firedawg60

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    I've got 6 for my 23 and 2 for my 27. That's what I like about this as I can use the 23 mags in my 27 if needed.
  12. EvilD

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    9 for my 17 and 34, 3 for my Taurus 709, 8 for my 1911, only one for my Mark II, need more, and a "few" for my AR, if I had one, but it was lost in a boating accident.
  13. Six mags for my 35...four 15 rounders and 2 hi-cap 22 rounders.
  14. For my G-32 I have 3 factory mags that I use when I carry and 3 KCI 9mm mags that I use at the range. I have 3 mags for my G-21.
  15. toddnjoy

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    I have 11 G21 13 rnd and 1 27 rnd
  16. rivalarrival

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    For carry, I've got a G26, 10+1 in the gun, a pair of 17-round magazines in a carrier. Also, A PT738 with 6+1 and a 6-round mag in my pocket.

    I'm a little light on spare magazines for my carry pistols. Just two more 10-round mags for the G26.

    The only time you can have too many magazines is when you're swimming or on fire.
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    Love that quote! By the way, glad to have you here R/A!
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  18. Mapcinq

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    Just the 3 that came with it. Will probably buy more once I have time to get to the range more.
  19. I'll try to remember that for as long as I live lol :)