How many Glock 30sf guys are out there?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by boombah, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. boombah

    boombah New Member

    Do you carry your 30sf for ccw and how do you carry that bad boy?
  2. Scorpion911

    Scorpion911 SheepDog

    I have a Glock 30 and carry it in a Raven Phantom IWB. I can convert to OWB and I am thinking about getting a Foxx holster for it. I also have used a Raven VanGuard 2.

  3. Have a 30SF, and almost always carry it in a Max Tuck from White Hat Holsters. Compfy, but not so much where you forget you have a .45 on your hip. Starting to look into mexican carry in some conditions.
  4. steverich88

    steverich88 New Member

    I don't have the sf but I do carry a g30
  5. Djstudter702

    Djstudter702 Dj Studter

    Ive got a 30sf and have been keeping it locked in my car, but am gonna use it for concealed carry when i move to Wisconsin in the next couple of weeks. Though after yesterday's event I'm planning on edc with my 17 for now til I get my ccw. What do you fellow carriers recommend for IWB for the G30sf?
  6. sgtcowboyusmc

    sgtcowboyusmc New Member

    I got a Glock 30 and I just got a Foxx Hybrid and I am very impressed with it! Price is real good also!
  7. paulgy11

    paulgy11 New Member

    I carry my 30sf everyday in a Mic holster very comfy I forget its there.I carry at about the 4 oclock pos.
  8. Blades

    Blades Senior Member

  9. CCSir

    CCSir Well-Known Member Supporter

    Me! I carry mine in the DeSantis summer comfort.
  10. yogiboobooranger

    yogiboobooranger New Member

    I had a G30 many moons ago and like a silly nut, traded it off. But..I am looking for a G30 SF to trade into right now and when I get it, will be in my daily carry rotation.
  11. I have a G30 I carry in an IWB holster every time I go out. They're not a big as folks want to make out, pretty much the same size as a G19/23. Just a bit shorter in length and height and a little bit wider but not enough to really notice IMHO.
  12. Devinh2

    Devinh2 Guest

    I carry my 30sf, 19, 26, and 30 all in the same place. IWB @ 4:30-5. Depends on what I'm doing and where I'm going as to which I wear.
  13. SHOOTER13

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  14. lyodbraun

    lyodbraun أنا لست ارهابيا

    I carry my 30SF in a IWB silent thunder holster from garrett holsters. Best holster ive found so far... very comfortable its my EDC platform...
  15. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    I carry a g30 on a clip draw with a MIC holster. Works great for me.
  16. glockpatriot

    glockpatriot New Member

    I carry my 30sf and also a 29sf, both in a OWB Serpa holster!!!
    Keep your powder dry!!!!
  17. steverich88

    steverich88 New Member

    Lol I got my new 30 for a great price it cost me 470 after tax now was that a steal or what
  18. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Good buy. I paid 500 for mine with 3 mags.
  19. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I have a G-30sf, I have been carrying it as my primary lately, at about 4:00 in a MIC holster. I am going to pick up a holster with more support very soon.
  20. sgtcowboyusmc

    sgtcowboyusmc New Member

    Check out FOXX Holsters they are Great Holsters and they are a Forum Sponsor! A Bunch of us on here have the Hybrid and we Love them!