How does your Glock differ from the rest?

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    Tell us how u made your gun unique?
    Pics are always appreciated. =D
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  2. First let me say that Glock handguns are pretty much "good to go" right out of the box, really no need to tweak them for the majority of folks that buy em'. Of course those of us who hang out on forums like this one, being "gun people" just have to do something to our guns to make them more "ours" which is half the fun of owning a gun.:D
    I bought my G30 used from a local guy who'd already put the Trijicon Night Sights and Glockmeister Stainless Guide Rod on/in the gun. Next step for me was a LWD 3.5# Connector with NY1 Trigger Spring with one coil cut off to get the pre-pull to just where I wanted it to be, not too stiff and not to light, just right.
    Also put an LWD Drop-In barrel in the gun since I cast my own bullets and load my own ammo and needed a barrel that'd be compatible with lead ammo. A bit of "tweaking" to the barrel throat and it'll now chamber my handloads properly so I'm "good to go" in that dept.
    Really not anything else I need to do to my G30 now except for getting more mags(both 10 round and full size 13 round and maybe a couple 9 round mags if I can find them) and getting out and shooting it more.
    After going through 5 other Glock handguns I've finally found "The One" that I really love and I'm keeping this gun, it's just way to practical to ever get rid of.

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    Go to glock rmeister I just bought a 9rnd mag and I love it. It makes a difference in cc.

    As for what I did to mine. Steal rear sight trijicon front. Polished slide release painted letters. Lwd threaded barrel and comp. lwd ultimate trigger. Ghost 3,5. Laser max internal laser. Beaver tail extension. Tac light. And a trucker girl back plate

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    There are others like it, but this one is mine...

    with polished internals, 3.5# connector, Pearce mag extensions and G17 mags on standby, and painted letters, she molds to my hand naturally, and allows me to clench my fist and strike down mine enemies with speed and accuracy :D

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  5. Boracay

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    G21SF w/ Picatinny Rail & Ambi Magazine Release are made with limited quantities & very hard to find.
    I guess this what makes my Glock unique... + some mods I made.. :D:D:D

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    I didn't do anything to this one. Just really hard to find.

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    I just ordered this


    I just ordered these for my G27 & 26 can't wait to add them on .. Love the holster also

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    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Mine is a police turn in. Factory refurb. G 22.

    The engraving is from the El Paso Sheriffs Office and it includes their shield.

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    Beacuse its mine, thats how. Lol, What ive done to my g30 is;

    polished internals, 3.5 ghost connecter, 3 piece chrome kit, extended controls, polished clip draw, M6 laser/light, polished barrel, SS guide rod. Next mod will be night sights and maybe eventually a 10MM conversion.

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    My g21 has a 3.5 trigger, tungsten guide rod, titanium plunger, tlr-2 clone with a green laser, z-flex combat sights, slide buffer, slide lock lever extender, my name engraved along with the 2d amendment on the right side.
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    Well I have not done anything to mine. So as far as this site, because everyone customizes theirs Mine is unique cause I prolly have the only stock gun in here. Haha. I guess why try to improve on perfection. And cause my wife thinks I spend too much money anyway.
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    love those cuff links.


    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Where did you get the cuff links?!?!
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    All of my Glocks are bone stock in appearance and interals except for this one, its just pretty on the outside, no upgrades on the inside. Laser etched at the factory in Austria, only 160 some of them made with sequential serial numbers.

    EDIT: Funny I just noticed, this is a picture of one that rangvx has, mine is number 136

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    Switched out the plastic sights for 10-8 Performance plain rear, brass bead front. Other than that it's a stock Gen. 4 G23.
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    How do you like the brass bead? A friend has one on his revolver and i like it.
  18. G36: LWD Barrel (polished & engraved), Ghost Ultimate 3.5 Trigger, DPMSystems Stainless Guide Rod & Spring System (with heaviest external spring), XSBigDot Sights, 1 magazine with Pearce +0 & 3 magazines with Pearce +1 extensions, waiting on LWD 3pin chrome kit with extended slide release, and I polished the inside of my slide, as well as, painting the slide & magazine markings with "zombie" green glow nail polish. I guess that & running 100 rounds or more through it weekly make my Glock 36 "My Glock 36!"

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    I have the nickle ones. Look on etsy. All calibers. I rock a pair of ex-win pdx 9mms