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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by glocknloaded, Mar 8, 2012.

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    His maybe a dumb question but how does buying something online and having it sent to an FFL work?

    I have been wanting to build an AR-15 and finding the right lower receiver has been a pain.... I have checked all my local shops and no one has what I am looking for in stock and everything is back order. I just found the receiver I have been looking for online and want to have it shipped but I need a FFl. Can I order it online and have it sent to my local shop? Will I still have to wait my 10 day hold to pick it up from them?

    I could call my local shop tomorrow but the curiosity is killing me!! I am sure someone on here has done this before and any input is much welcomed.
  2. triggerhappy

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    I did a work-around by buying my lower at a gun show so I was able to bring it home with me same day.

  3. Webphisher

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    You can have it sent to your shop but setting up the FFL transfer can sometimes be a pain. They have to send their FFL to the online store, then the store ships it. Not sure about the hold. Colorado doesn't do that stuff.
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    Likewise, no "hold" or waiting period here (NV) but I know the local FFL (the local gun shop) has to send their credentials to the online dealer, which takes some time (a day at minimum). Then the online dealer sends it to the local gun shop (by surface freight), who actually does the transfer (the NICS check, essentially). Over here, going rates for FFL are $65 per use, plus $25 for the NICS check, plus tax. Am not absolutely certain who pays for the shipping cost, but I would imagine the buyer does unless the online dealer says specifically says they will.
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    You can usually find a stripped lower on gunbroker for around $90.00. As far as FFL's and transfer fees, shop around. We have 4 local gun shops here and of the 4, 3 of them wanted a $50.00 transfer fee while the 4th only charged me $25.00.

    A friend of mine built an M4 for roughly $500.00. He was able to find everything but the stripped lower at one site for $400.00 + the lower from gunbroker for $90.00.
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    Thanks I'll check gunbroker out
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    Depending on where you are located...Federal, State, and Local laws apply...