How Do You Clean Your Glock?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by uprootedyank, Feb 12, 2012.

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    When I was a Glock nube, I used to clean the thing inside and out and oil the heck out of it. Then after edjamakatin' myself with a few Youtube videos and getting a feel for what veteran shooters do, I have modified my cleaning technique.

    I have to give credit to Hickock45 of Youtube, who does a lot of gun reviews, but prefers Glock.

    So now I just field strip my Glocks (I have a 22 gen 3 and a 19 gen 4), brush the barrel with a standard brass bore brush, and then run patches through with a light coating of oil on them until they come out clean. I then remove as much residue as possible from the slide, using q-tips to get into the hard to reach places. For the receiver, I do not use any cleaner. I simply use a stiff toothbrush to get out any grit or debris. If there is a lot of residue, I hit it with a dry rag. Then put a light amount of oil on the steel tabs that contact the top slide. Finally, I reassemble, test the action, and wipe down the outside with a very small amount of oil to make it pretty.

    Any suggestions, comments, concerns?
  2. BORIS

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    I wipe mine down every 1k and give it a good cleaning every 10K or so. Never lube it because it runs fine without it. All oil does is gather gunk, cause it to need more frequent cleaning and cause failures if oil gathers in the striker channel or catches brass shavings in the barrel hood slide lockup area.....

  3. Birddogyz

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    uprootedyank, that is about what I do also.

    FYI From the Glock Maintenance Manual

    Your Glock pistol should be field stripped, cleaned, and lubricated as follows:
    1. When brand new, before the first time it is fired, plus
    2. at least once a month, plus
    3. as required. This will be determined by the pistol's exposure to adverse conditions such as rain, snow, perspiration, salt water, dust, lint, etc. Additionally, the pistol should be cleaned and inspected if it has been dropped or if any defects are suspected or malfunctions experienced.
  4. BORIS

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    My Glocks go with me everywhere. When I was in the PacNW I would go on 3-5 day hikes. Crossing rivers, muddy mtn slopes, rain, dirt. Didn't matter how hard you try it gets exposed to it. Here is a pic of my rain soaked dirty glock after I rinsed it off in a puddle on one hike trip.


    Never rusts and all I do to clean them when I get home from a trip is a field strip and rinse in the sink and let sit to dry. Even then that's going to far for cleaning. They don't require a cleaning like a match grade 1911 does. It don't hurt, but ain't needed and too much lube will increase how much you NEED to clean it.....
  5. Birddogyz

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    Like Boris said, do not get carried away with the amount of lubricant. Rule of thumb, put on half of what you think it needs, then wipe it off.:D
  6. BORIS

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    Best advice I have ever seen as to how much lube you will need....

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    My cleaning kit: brush, bore snake, patches, standard glock cleaning rod with brush, oil, gun cleaner, and qtips.
    Step one: brush debris from exterior.
    Two: field strip and brush debris from slide and frame.
    Three: boresnake barrel. Pass a few oiled patches through to be sure, though not exactly necessary with the bore snake.
    Four: wipe down all surfaces with rag and very little cleaner.
    Five: oil barrel, slide hood, slide rails, and lugs... Use Qtip to wipe away oil.
    Six: reassemble, check action. Unload mags. Inspect ammo. Reload, reholster.
  8. fls348

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    I would strongly recommend no oil on the exterior, but other than that it sounds like a winner.
  9. wma3193

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    I use Shooters Choice in the bore. Dawn detergent warm water and a tooth brush everywhere else. Blow dry with air hose. One drop of gun oil in each slide rail, let it run the length of rail, wipe with Q tip. One drop of oil on barrel rub it all over, wipe dry. One drop of oil on connector wipe with Q tip. This has worked good for past 15 years. Learned it from Glock instructor at Glock Armorers School.
  10. voyager4520

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    How I clean my Glocks:
    Ballistol - for lubrication and corrosion protection
    Hoppe's #9 - for cleaning the bore of the barrel
    Hoppe's Elite Cleaner - for cleaning everything else including plastic

    -Hoppe's Sontora Bulk synthetic patches
    -Dewey 6 inch brass bore rod with Dewey "No Harm" phosphor bronze bore brushes with a brass center wire
    -Glock plastic bore rod and brush for cleaning bore after using the phosphor bronze brush
    -Old clean cotton rag for wiping the gun down
    -Q-tips for cleaning hard to reach places, with special care not to leave cotton behind anywhere in the gun
    -Hoppe's nylon Utility Brush for brushing the breech face and under the extractor claw
    -Old/expired soft plastic ID card for wrapping patches/rag around to clean in slide rails and under frame rails
    -Glock Armorer Tool for detail stripping

    The phosphor bronze bore brush leaves bronze residue embedded in the surface of the steel of the barrel, but it cleans the bore really well. I use the plastic bore rod and brush afterward to do the final cleaning and get as much of the bronze residue out of the bore as I can. After the bore is clean, I run an oiled patch through the bore, let the oil soak in for a few minutes, then run a few clean dry patches through the bore to pick up all of the excess oil. I do that for corrosion protection.

    If you clean a metal surface with Hoppe's Elite Cleaner, because it contains water, the metal surface could be more vulnerable to rust. Any metal surface I clean with Hoppe's Elite Cleaner I then wipe with Ballistol, let the Ballistol soak into the metal for a few minutes, then wipe away the excess oil.

    I actually do use oil in my slides internals, but I wipe them as dry as possible before reassembly and I detail strip clean the slide after each range trip. If you don't plan to do that you don't want oil in the slide internals. I actually had surface rust develop in the internal areas of each of my Glock slides. After removing the rust with a bore brush and Hoppe's #9, I always put a coat of oil on the slide internals for corrosion protection now.
  11. jimmyalbrecht

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    I simply field strip, take a dry patch and get all metal shavings out of the slide/frame and run a dry patch through the bore to get any excess material out of it. I only detail clean it every other trip to the range (meaning the use of solvent to clean the bore and slide well). Every now and then when I feel like it, I will disassemble the entire gun and clean every nook and cranny, especially the firing pin channel and everything in that area.
  12. kristen

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    @ wma3193...thanks, I need to clean mine & I'm going to try your method. :)
  13. Happysniper1

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    Don't know if this will help in your position (meaning it needs special tools), but this is what I do and it may be worth your consideration:

    I shoot every Wednesday and on alternating Saturdays for our FA classes, and I shoot for practice in between as well.

    When I get home, I detail-strip my G26, and drop everything into the tub of an ultrasonic cleaner with Hornady's Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Solution.
    Add a few drops of liquid dishwashing liquid.
    Run 2 or 3 8-minute cycles with heater on, moving parts around in the tub in between cycles. Never put hands in the tub when it is running!
    Rinse under faucet, using hottest temp possible and with a strong flow of water to flush particles out.
    Blow-dry with air compressor.
    Put a tiny drop of Gun Butter on each and every spring. The low viscosity will allow it to spread naturally along the coild of the springs.
    Put a tiny drop on connector, wipe off excess with a clean, dry cleaning patch.
    Run a cloth patch with Gun Butter on in thru the bore (using a brass jag tip, not the slotted plastic tip) on cleaning rod.
    Follow-up with a couple of dry, clean patches to wipe excess oil out of the bore.
    Wipe the barrel down with a cleaning patch and a few drops of Gun Butter, wipe excess off.
    Using the cleaning patch used to wipe excess oil off barrel, wipe all sides of frame rails and inside of slide rails, giving just a tiny coating of oil.

    No scrubbing thru the bore. Simple.
  14. jimmyalbrecht

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    How much did that ultrasonic cleaner cost you?
  15. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    First one, $79. Current one comes in just over $700 with shipping.

    I clean guns for $15 for revolvers and $20 for semiautos, and have recovered my invenstment many times over!
  16. where did you get that first one?
  17. Zetacobra

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    I clean with hopes 9,Winchester cleaning patches and the rod and brush that came with the glock. I dip the patches in some hopes and field strip the gun wiping the entire slide down and get in all the nooks with my fingers and finger nails (I have small hands) and then use a clean cloth to get the cleaner off. I run a patch through the barrel with the rod then run the brush in and then a clean patch till it comes out clean. I only use 7 drops of oil like the owners manuel says using the diagram provided. I wipe down everything with a Cotton cloth to get excess oil off and run the slide a few times to make sure I get it all. Nothing fancy just straight forward and I do this at different times depending on if I use Russia Ammo.
  18. bhale187

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    When it gets bad, and I'm feeling lazy I like to use carb cleaner. It blows the gunk off with the greatest of ease. For an everyday cleaning I use Hoppes 9, I love bore snakes, and for oil I use Zero Friction, but I'm going to have to try out Gun butter soon.
  19. I clean my gun about every two weeks if I dont shoot it, it Arizona it picks up dust fast. If I been out in the desert on a Search and Rescue with the ATV, I will clean it rightr after, and I do the same after shooting it. Being in Law Enforcement I keep it spot less as they say. A clean gun is a Happy Gun :- )
  20. Happysniper1

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    Harbor Freight Tools. Now you know why I got the second one LOL!

    *PS* the second one I got from
    worth every penny spent!