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Got bored so I decided to start a new trendy thread. Take pictures of how you concealed carry your firearm(s), glock preferably. Take a concealed photo, then take a "there it is" photo.

I'll go first..

Mirror Shorts Shoulder Leg Bermuda shorts

Any printing?

Shorts Sunglasses Sleeve Waist Sportswear

How about now?

Shorts Sleeve Waist Knee Street fashion

There she glock 19 in a fobus paddle holster.

Sorry about the flashes..was in a rush.


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Looking good. I gotta try that holster.
It's surely the most comfortable IWB holster I've ever worn. Plus the people that own the business use 100% made in USA only parts, don't outsource, and make them by hand.

Lifetime warranty.....they also have a polycarbonate model, which is rockin!
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