How difficult is CCW to obtain in your state?

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  1. Amsdorf

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    Missouri. It's "easy" but...kind of weird too.

    You have to provide proof of a certified CCW instruction class.
    Then, you take that proof to the police department in your area.
    Then, you fill out paperwork and get printed there.
    Then, they contact you, by mail, informing you that you have been approved.
    Then, you have to drive back down to the police station and get your approval document.
    Then, you take that approval document to the local vehicle license place.
    Then, you fill out a form there and get your actual carry license, which is identical to the driver's license, only just a CCW.
    Or you, can opt to get a CCW note put on your driver's license.

    Turn around time for me was about four weeks.
  2. disturbedjosh

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    Ask for permit application.
    Turn it in.
    Get fingerprinted.
    Receive permit in the mail.

  3. superglide

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    Va ccw

    I live in NJ and got my VA Non-Resident CCS in 3 weeks, no class requirement

  4. superglide

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    Nj ccw

    Yep, Jersey sucks...

    It's ashame I have to leave my own state to carry. If I could get my wife to move, I'd be out of here tomorrow and move to a real American state.


    RGPIII Junior Member

    In my state, they apaparently think they are above the constitution. our state law was ruled unconstitutional and yet we are still un able to get our CCW. Maryland.
  6. Danzig

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    So whats going to happen with that?

    RGPIII Junior Member

    Right now its held up by the 4th circuit court, it will be ruled on again during the october 23-26th session. to determine if they will overturn the previous ruling of the law being unconstitutional. Pretty much just dragging their feet to keep the law abiding citizens un armed, and unable to protect themselves and their families.
  8. Danzig

    Danzig I do hood rat sh%t! Supporter

    If the law is struck down there is a chance for the North East to overturn onerous gun restrictions. Washington DC, Maryland onto New Jersey. Wouldn't that be something?
  9. ZO6Vettever

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    Here in Florida you go to the dept of agriculture with NRA certification or military DD 214. Sit at a computer and answer some questions, get finger printed. Takes about 20 minutes. 10 days later it's in your mailbox. Funny story. I got my first Concealed carry permit in Pa. about 1975. Went to the sheriff's office saw the chief, he signed and slid me a business card size and told me to fill it out. Name, address, DOB and sign it. I did that and slid it back and ask "when will I get my permit"/ He laughed and said, "that is your permit Joe you dumb SOB". We both had a good laugh and it was that easy. I miss those days!
  10. You gotta make an appointment and last I checked they were booked 3 months out. Mailing it in is quicker.
  11. iGlock

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    AZ all you got to do is...oh wait you dont need a permit here :), just got to be 21 and you can CC without permit or 18 to OC. I still went ahead and got mine though.
  12. I wish I could open carry sometimes. Oh well.
  13. bhale187

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    So you don't have to have a permit, but they still issue a permit if you want it? Does the permit get you any other 'benefits' like skipping a background check or something?
  14. Lucian_253

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    I don't know if any one covered Washington State yet. All you have to do is have no Felony convictions, or Misd. D.V. convictions. Pay your 60 dollars and get printed. Shows up in the mail in less then a month. I think renewals, are about half the cost.
  15. gladesbassin

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    I did mine less than 2 months ago and a day after doing the class I called the department of agriculture and they gave me an appointment 2 days later after doing that I got my card like two weeks after.
  16. Glock23punisher56

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    I have a question! If given the choice would u carry open or concealed and why? Here in ga you can lawfully carry either way as long as you have a permit! And btw I have a permit and choose to carry concealed!
  17. Danzig

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    I feel it's better to blend in than stick out when it comes to carrying a gun.
  18. Heifzilla

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    Absolutely impossible in my state: Illinois.
  19. ZO6Vettever

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    That was about 2 1/2 years ago when they first started it. Sorry for bad info and thanks for correcting me!
  20. gunsmithie23

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    Naw my wife mailed hers and I made an appointment they were only a month out. Took about another 2 months. And my wife's took 5-6 months total.