How difficult is CCW to obtain in your state?

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    Greats explanation...thanks for the reasoning.

  2. Are you waiting for a NJ permit, or a permit from another state?

  3. dbrady0993

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    Well, hallelujah. I got my CWL in the mail today! It took about 90 days when all was said and done partly due to my error in failing to send in the $42 fee for processing my electronic fingerprints. Anyway, glad that is over. Now I'm good for another 7 years! Now I have to get in to good carry habits. I've been accustomed to having my carry gun in my glovebox all the time I may have to consider keeping an extra gun in the car for safe keeping now.
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    I'm waiting for my Florida non-resident carry permit. For NJ I'm waiting for my permit to purchase a handgun. I was kind of vague on that sorry. It's been over a month for the NJ permit to purchase. And about 2 1/2 weeks for the Florida.
  5. Graves

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    Gotta love the Peach STate

    I too live in GA. I was certified in 15 mins, and that includes the time I spent waiting in line at the court house. It's very easy, however the FBI and GBI have every one of my finger prints as well as my palm prints now.:eek:
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    Would I be able to get one within three weeks while I'm on leave there?
  7. Here in El Paso County, Colorado, it's a long process, but not a difficult one. I took mandatory CCW training Feb 19, contacted the Sheriff's Office Feb 24 after receiving my completion certificate to set an appointment, had the appointment Jun 14, and was told the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has a 90 day backlog. So, based on all this, it will have taken about 7 months. Cost is $60 for the application and $52.50 for the CBI investigation. Permit should be in the mail shortly thereafter. Permit is good for 5 years from date of issue.
  8. bassace

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    Wisconsin. I sent my app along with $50 and proof of training in on 6/21 and received my permit on 6/27.
  9. HeavyHitterG26

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    Pa is simple. $35 to the sheriffs office and about three weeks later u get ur permit. Think they do a basic background check. You have to list personal references but none of mine were contacted
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    Welcome heavyhiter! Maybe you could take a minute in the Intro. section and tell us about you and your Glocks? Welcome, Enjoy!
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    Montgomery Alabama here... Two week waiting period for background check. They were done in 7 days and I went down to pay the 20$ for one year. Renew every year. Photo permit for pistol permit. In the fine print it states for CCW. State Constitution says you have right of Open Carry. Local Sheriff has authority to change wording. You can open carry but you'll be stop by LEO and once word reaches the Sheriff he has a right to yank your permit. As for keeping a gun in glovebox, which a lot of folks do, if your car is stolen then there's yet another gun on the streets. I keep my gun on me until I shower or go to bed. Then it's within arms reach... As is the 12 gauge. Only time my gun is away from my side is at work. Then its behind two padlocks in pelican case attached to car in trunk. (I work at a public university) its only a matter of a few yards always from my office. I don't understand the need for a permit in other states... Just comply with local rules and your fine. Seems like a lot of expense for nothing.
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    I just revived mine today, I'm in Las Vegas. It took 67 days.
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    Left on vacation, came home to the CHL. I got my license in under 2 weeks. Pretty sweet.
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    Sweet welcome home gift!
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    I live in Ohio and it took about 8 days after my cch class to get my actual license which brings my total time up to 10 days
  16. trex1310

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    1. Pay clerk at Sheriff's Office $20.
    2. Fill out form.
    3. Pass background check.
    4. Have picture made.
    5. Receive permit.

    Entire process takes about 20 minutes.

    Permit is good for 1 year. Renewal for next 5 years can be
    mail. New picture must be made every 5 years.

    Mobile County Alabama
  17. Update: I received my permit on 31 July 2012. So it took just over 5 months from setting the appointment with the Sheriff's office until the permit was issued. All in all, not too bad of a deal. Once again, total cost was $112.50.
  18. wabashshooter

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    Took mine July 10th sheriffs office same day for finger print an for them to send off for back ground. Still waiting on them if I don't have it by the 10th which is in two days I'm suppose to call them.
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    CCW Permit in NJ

    I got Florida in 4 weeks
    Virginia in 3 weeks and New Hampshire in 14 days.

    Jersey sucks, I have to leave my state to carry.
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    Hey nomad its a ****ty deal! I would be pissed if it took 5 months to get my permit ga is 75$ and same day or 1 week at the latest depends on how backed up the courthouse is!