How difficult is CCW to obtain in your state?

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    VA here. 5 hour class then you take the certificate from the class and the application to the courthouse and they have to issue your license or deny it with a reasonable reason within 45 days. VA is a shall issue state. Iirc the only restrictions in place are federal on who qualifies. No felons, no pending charges, no mentally handicapped.

    I open carried previously, have my class tomorrow night. My dad went through the process about a year ago after a shooting at his apartment complex and he had his back in less than two weeks.

    Curious how other states are.
  2. jfirecops

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    Fill out two forms, fingerprint, pay dues, get in the mail in about 10 days. Welcome to Georgia

  3. risoworker

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    nearly impossible in RI. good luck if you try the towns which are a "shall issue" law.
  4. jimmyalbrecht

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    Yep, Georgia is pretty easy. But 10 days? Dang here in Columbus it takes 30 days "or less" but it is usually the full 30 days.
  5. iGlock

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    Easy here in AZ but when u send in paper work it says it can take up to 3 months for it to come but i got it jst over 3 weeks.
  6. Boracay

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    Requirements on How to Get a CCW here in New Jersey. Check ONE that apply.

    1. You must be a high ranking government official
    2. You must be related to a high ranking government official by blood or marriage
    3. You must be a Celebrity
    4. You must be willing to give a sizable "donation" to the Democratic Party
    5. You must be working with large sums of cash (Brinks Armored Car Services)

    **As an ordinary citizen, you must have a "justifiable need" to obtain a CCW. But they didn't define "Justifiable Need", so I just assumed that they need to see you & your family get shot or stab first before you meet the requirement. And it is still the full discretion of the local police chief and/or the state superior court judge to grant or deny the permit.

    --Full article HERE--
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  7. I remember when i had a CCW in NJ, that was a loooong time ago before they decided to give americans the big FU.
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    PA; (other than Philly, becuase they think they can make there own laws!!)
    you walk into your county sheriffs office and fill out a form take a pic and pay under $30 bucks DONE:cool: !!!!!

    They can legally make you wait 72 hours but they never do in my county.

    Now than, I cant say I 100% agree with this process, But I would NEVER challenge it in an attempt to mess around with a persons right to carry. I find it kinda scary that any 21yo kid can obtain a CCW:eek: provided they have never been arrested, just because they don't brake the law does not mean they how to handle a weapon. I myself went through combat pistol training with a few local LEO's, sat down with my lawyer and just asked questions about gun laws for several hours when I was 21 and have been around "gun minded" folks my whole life I wanted to know that I could responsibly carry a weapon for my own peace of mind .
  9. Wade

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    Here in SC, it's an 8 hour class with a 50 rnd range shoot, the form, 2 fingerprint cards and a photocopy of your license. Send all that and a $50 money order, then wait 90 days. They have that amount of time and I understand it takes just about the whole time. I'm at about the 45 day mark right now.
  10. iGlock

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    Exactly same here in AZ, but i got mine in jst over 3 weeks
  11. jonm61

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    I'm curious to see how it will be with the changes, but that 10 day figure varies greatly by county. I got mine in Dekalb. Submitted the paperwork, got a fingerprint appt 30ish days later (GA Carry is suing them over the fingerprint timeframe) and then it took the full 60 days allowed by law. They do not like issuing them.

    I know of other people that have literally gotten them same day though.

    For Florida, it's paperwork and fingerprints, sent in with a photo and either proof of (this may have changed...I got mine in '98) an 8 hour class or a copy of your DD214.

    I found it vaguely amusing that they accepted my Navy Basic training as firearms proficiency. Of course, they would have no idea that at the time it consisted of 4 hours, total, and I think we fired 20 rounds through a 1911 with a .22 conversion on it. We might have fired more than 20, but definitely no more than 50.
  12. LT2108

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    In Ohio, you attend a 12 hour class (10 hrs of classroom, and 2 hours live fire), submit paperwork with certificate, get fingerprinted/background invest, and you receive your permit in the mail ( at least in Cuyahoga County you get it in the mail, other counties you pick them up at the Sheriff's Office)

    The permit is valid for 5 years and your training is valid for 6 years, so you can renew in 5 years without the class, for your 10 year renewal, you have to attend a range refresher ( 2 hrs)
  13. jfirecops

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    We are in Walker county. We went on the same day and I got mine back in 10 days and my wife got hers in 5 days. Mine got lose in the mail and I had to go pick it up.
  14. Kmurray96

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    And let us not forget the old tried and true Jersey tradition of flat out "stonewalling". I work (NJDOC) with a Sgt. that's over in Afghanistan on his second tour. (NJANG) He moved to Old Bridge about a year and a half ago. He already had his permanent NJ Firearms ID card. A handgun purchase permit is another whole story in NJ. Any how, he applied for a change of address on his NJFID card. He got jerked and twisted around for so long by the OBPD Sgt. in charge of that he just gave up before he went overseas.

    They gave him the whole nine yards of BS. "...lost it, on vacation, off today, not in today, away on training, yadda, yadda, yadda". And OBPD is not an isolated story in NJ.
  15. Missouri:

    1. Take the state mandatory 8 hour course (or meet one of a list of other possible training requirements).
    2. Take course certificate to county sheriff.
    3. Pay sheriff money, fill out application.
    4. Sheriff runs background and approves or denies appplication within 45 days, he calls or mails result.
    5. Return to sheriff, get approval.
    6. Take approval to license office, get ID with CCW endorsement.

    Missouri's CCW endorsement is good for 3 years. The sheriff can charge up to $100.00 for the initial permit and up to $50.00 for a renewal. Some places aren't charging for a renewal. Most counties do an instant renewal. The training courses generally run from $85.00 to $150.00 depending on where you do it.
  16. MikeV826

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    I live in PA. Pittsburgh actually. I sent my 2 page form into the Sheriffs office, 4 days later I got my approval card back. I went downtown, got my picture taken, handed them 20 I cash and walked out with my license. No class, no fingerprints, nothing. Kind of crazy actually. I'm act 120 trained so Im pretty well trained with my weapon but it's kind of scary how easy it is for just anyone to obtain a license around here.
  17. ballcoach16

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    Amen!!!!!! Except in my neck of the woods, more like 24-48 hrs
  18. Which prison? My dad is a retired Sgt from South Woods.

    I got lucky when I moved to Bowling Green, I showed my MI permit and got the rubber stamp.
  19. G22GEN4

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    Wow I need to be in a diff state lol.....up to $100 in Missouri & that's not including the 8-12hr class. But Missouri does except Virginia's non-resident ccw in which u can take the class online for $50. I think its 25 or 26 other states that excepts it also. Idk how they get around the range testing, but from what I read u won't have to do it. The whole class is done online, so they advertise.