how did u get used to cc

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    Yeah, what Tape said.
  2. Maybe he doesn't feel like disclosing personal information about himself.

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    Yeah I work for a contracting company where we move all over the state. Sorry not trying to be dick but I don't like saying I do illegal things here at this place. It's just bad practice.
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    I agree with Blackmagic and his instructor and recommend the practice as well with one additional piece of advice. With the increase in home invasion as the crime of choice for the bolder miscreants of today's entitlement society, carrying at home is just as important as carrying any place else. While most of us may feel secure in our own castles, that security is borne out of familiarity with our surroundings. We tend to become lax in those types of situations. Home carry is good training for ingraining the security that carrying provides as well as providing an additional level of security for you and your family.
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    Maybe I have a different look at this but as I get ready for my CCW class and permit, I never even considered carrying without one in the chamber. I have complete confidence in my Glock that it will be safe as I carry. My dad has been carrying Glock both on and off duty for 20 years and has never had his weapon discharge unless his finger made it happen. As far as snap caps while carrying, why on earth would you do this out in public? Heaven forbid you get into a situation that would cause you to need to use your weapon, what good will a snap cap do you? Maybe around the house, but even then, if you know that nothing can happen while a snap cap is chambered, are you really getting used to carrying a loaded weapon?
    Just my two cents. Good luck and safe carry my friend.
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    A lot of good opinions on here. I am waiting for my CC permit to arrive, but I have been practicing carrying every day around my house once I am there. Just trying to get used to the feel, try out different carry positions, etc. That way, when my permit arrives I won't be that guy that stands out the first time he goes out in public because he is adjusting or being obvious that he is carrying a weapon. Thanks for all of your input on the subject.
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    Thats cool man, it sounds like a cool gig.

    Um, maybe it wasn't geared towards me, but I didn't think I asked you if you do illegal things here...:confused:
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    I'm always a bit self conscience about carrying my pistol, mostly because I carried for a long time before it was legal. I am always aware of my situation, who is looking at me, why they are looking at me, how they are looking at me, where my gun is in relation to people being able to discern the pistols "print". I am self conscience of what I'm wearing and how well my pistol is hidden, especially while making certain movements, like bending over or reaching up. I have always carried my Glock 17, seldom carry my G19 or G26. If I'm in the woods or on the river I'll carry my Glock 20 in case I meet a pissed off critter. I always prefer to carry a gun that; 1. I am familar with, 2. confident with, 3. can get out of my holster quickly ready to fire, 4. hits where I'm pointing it. I think it is much more important to have a gun that I can get a hold of quickly and securely, hit where I point it, and carry enough firepower that I don't feel a need for extra magazine (a waste IMHO). The actual size difference between the Glock 17 and G26 is negligable. The difference in grip size, magazine capacity and security between the G17 and the G26 is significant, again IMHO.
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    Here's a question, kinda pertaining to this thread. If I should put it in a different place or start its own thread let me know.

    Been starting to carry around the house to practice - passed the course, gotta make the appointment yet to finish the paperwork - and was wondering about the legalities of carrying it outside on your own property concealed without the permit. Is it illegal to conceal on the property of your residence without a permit?

    I live in a duplex apartment, and if I wanted to walk out and get something from my vehicle or let the dog out, would I be in violation of the law?
  10. What state do you live in? My first assumption would be that its a no go. Unless you own the property you prolly can't carry legally unlicensed.
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    I've always carried condition one - cocked & locked with one in the pipe. As long as you carry using a well-built holster designed specifically for your gun, you're good-to-go.
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    In Kentucky you would be legal. Allowing property and business owners to CC without a permit on their property became law back in July of this year. I glanced at Ohio law on my app but didn't see any reference to carry without a permit so I'm guessing it is not legal for you.
  13. If you actually own the property, no problem. If you are renting the property, wait until you have your permit.
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    Ok. Yeah I live in Ohio.

    We do have OC, so I figure since it is an OWB holster, the only thin that might make it considered CC is that I would be wearing a jacket (unzipped) which would cover it. Would that change it from OC to CC?
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    If it's covered it's concealed.
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    Yeah, that's what I was afraid of - technicalities... I hate these cold months!
  17. how i got used to having a gun on my side, was when i started executive protection, i bought a kydex holster, and a 5.11 covert shirt, and it was 7 days a week, and just kept wearing it, now on my days off i wear it, just to not feel wierd about not having it