how did u get used to cc

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  1. Sw10mm

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    Just got my cpl... carried for the first time but didn't have it with one in the barrel... so pretty much I carried a rock. But how did you get used to the idea of cc loaded? Did you just carry loaded? Or use snap caps? Or cocked but empty to prove it wouldn't go off
  2. jrlusmc

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    I don't have cpl yet but when I carry around property I always have one chambered, I am working on cpl but I figure this will only help me get used to it

  3. From day one, I carried condition one. What's the point otherwise?

    If your not comfortable carrying condition one, go to the range and practice or take a class from a qualified instructor.

    If your using a good quality holster there is nothing to worry about honestly.
  4. Argyle64

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    Carry it loaded everytime. It's the only way to carry. You have nothing to worry about. The only way that gun is going off is if you're finger is on the trigger.

    If you can't trust your gun to not go bang unless you pull the trigger, you don't need to be carrying it.
  5. BigC248

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    ++1 Couldn't have said it better lol.

    Ps. Your firearm won't do anything that you don't tell it to.
  6. Dan75719

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    I first started carrying without one in the chamber just because at the time that is what felt comfortable and I liked that additional safety. I figured out that not having one in the chamber was pointless. It didn't take long to get used to carrying with one in the chamber and now I cannot imagine not carrying like that.
  7. RockoutwithmyGlockout

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    Hello from Michigan as well. I have a permit and from day one I've always carried in condition one. (round chambered) my logic was if law enforcement do it, there's a reason. The reason is if something happens you'll be ready. If you search this forum you'll find countless arguments for carrying in condition one. No one wants to be caught with a "brick" in their hand. Racking the slide back is the sound of giving away your tactical position...
    A good quality holster that covers the trigger you'll have nothing to worry about. Hope this helps.
  8. dwcfastrice

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    Having come from the manual safety world, I needed to "know" that it was ok to carry one in the pipe with a glock.

    I took a snap cap with a piece of paper over the "primer" as the top round in a mag, put it in, chambered the snap cap and carried for 3 days, even in the house. Jumped around, worked out, all the while waiting to hear the "click" of the striker. After 3 days, inspected the paper in the snap cap and it was fine.

    That was enough for me.
    Give it a shot.


  9. Tape

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    kind of like when they made seatbelts a law, it takes time to get use to it then you feel naked without it
  10. Dan75719

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    Good comparison
  11. miamiglock

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    My issue isn't one in the chamber or not, but wondering if I'm printing or if my shirt has magically ridden up exposing my gun. Which is kind of funny because at work I often wear my phone in a holster under my untucked shirt and never wonder if someone thinks that it's a gun.

    Yesterday I was at Barnes and Noble looking for a special magazine with a lot about 1911s in it. Didn't find it but it looking at gun magazines while carrying made me feel like everyone knew. With the 380 I don't really think about it but I'm still getting used to carrying the G26.
  12. sgtcowboyusmc

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    Like Nike say "JUST DO IT!" Yeah you will think everybody is looking and yes you will covertly (Or at least you think so) make sure the shirt is pulled down to cover it. I have been carrying for 25 yrs now and I still catch myself checking, covertly (Yeah Right) of course! I know my wardrobe has change greatly since I started carrying.
  13. Tape

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    I would bet no one is looking, to them it is a cell phone, radio or even a buck knife.
  14. Blackmagic02

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    I was used to manual safeties when I bought my first Glock. Fortunately the guy at the counter was a Glock Armorer and explained the 3 internal safeties to me so well a child could understand it. No worries for me at all carrying one in the chamber.

    I had an advanced CC Instructor that told us to carry all the time at home to get used to the idea. He also said that most people simply aren't that aware. You know you have a gun so you have a tendency to think everybody knows you have a gun. Not the case at all.
  15. miamiglock

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    I have been carrying at home to get used to the larger gun. I also get that most people are unaware but I still at times feel a little self conscious. I'll get over it with time. The 380 is so small I don't have that issue it's just getting used to the G26. I think it's kind of funny because even when I have that thought I realise that it's just me thinking that and for all anyone knows, IF they notice anything, it could just be a phone bulging on it's holster.
  16. KeenansGarage

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    I was worried someone may see, then I realized that the only people looking for 'printing' are cops and concealed carry individuals. You have nothing to worry about.

    I carried around my house for a whole weekend to get used to it.
  17. Blackmagic02

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    Just takes time. I'm looking forward to going back to carrying my G23 in the fall. Getting tired of IWB and small auto.
  18. RockoutwithmyGlockout

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    I'm looking forward to the 17!
  19. I carried condition one the day I got mine too. I had already been carrying around the house for a few weeks before I applied for my CWP. And I had spent a lot of time with my weapon to be familiar with it.
  20. Blades

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    Go shoot an IDPA match, then decide.