How can I get a glock 380

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Tact, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Tact

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    I wondering how I could I get a 380 if I'm not a police officer but I do work as a armed guard
  2. GlockIt

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    Only PD's can get them and individually issue them as an off duty carry gun to their officers. Another note they are the same exact size as the 26 but hold 15 or 16rds. Don't get me wrong I'd totally get one too if they were allow. But theres also the import laws that forbid them because they don't contain a certain number of parts.

  3. Tact

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    Thats what I thought but some guy @ a gun show that I was just @ over the weekend said armored personnel or armed guards could get them @lest thats what he was telling me I know he was wrong but I just had to check thanks for the info ps I I do have the G 26 with the crimson laser love it
  4. SHOOTER13

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    This is the link to the 922(r) import compliance law site...
  5. you can't get one. The points system prohibits them from being imported. Law enforcement CANNOT obtain them either. I don't know where this rumor comes from. Are the instructors at Smyrna giving bad information? I doubt it.
  6. Tact

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    I though I seen it on the glock web site that it is only for law enforcement agents but I could be wrong I think the local gun stores here in new york tell everyone only law enforcement can get them do I guess they ate all full of crap then
  7. iGlock

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    By moving to a country that has the .380 glocks lol
  8. btenn

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    The glock website does state that they are for law enforcement availability
  9. GlockIt

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    Yes PD's can get them and issue them as BUGs or as off duty carry but they cannot be transferred to individual LEO's.
  10. Tact

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    Thanks everyone got all your info I do appreciate it
  11. GlockIt

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    Anytime man! Anymore questions don't be afraid to ask!!!
  12. rdglock27

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    Can someone better explain the reason no sales in the us? Not sure I really understand. Diamonback sells a .380 that almost exact to a Glock. 15 rd mag, no, however still nice.
  13. iGlock

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    Here is the ATF import points scheme


    Overall Length: for each 1/4" over 6" -1

    Forged Steel Frame- 15

    Forged HTS Alloy Frame -20

    Unloaded Weight w/mag (per ounce)- 1

    .22 Short & .25 Auto- 0

    .22 LR - .380 Auto- 3

    9mm Parabellum & over -10

    Locked Breech Mechanism -5

    Loaded Chamber Indicator- 5

    Grip Safety -3

    Magazine Safety- 5

    Firing Pin Block or Lock -10

    External Hammer- 2

    Double Action -10

    Drift Adjustable Target Sight- 5

    Click Adjustable Sight -10

    Target Grips- 5

    Target Trigger -2

    A gun needs either 75 points to be imported, 380 doesnt score high enough.
  14. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Plus the glock 28 .380 is the same size as the g26,27,33 better to just get one of those.
  15. GlockIt

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    Also there's really not much of a market for it, the market is sort of taken over by the pocket .380's such as the lcp, body gaurd, bersa thunder, and lets not forget of the bersa thunder plus...Don't get me wrong I love my .380's but I'd much rather carry my 27 any day of the week.
  16. Tact

    Tact New Member

    Thanks everyone for your help & info I was looking to get the 380 for one reason and that was only to complete my set of Glocks living in new york state they make it is hard as possible for gun owners people in this state just don't understand
  17. Matthew780

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    Dayum... Well? That settles that. If it can't be imported (with exception of LE), then we'll never even see one of these guns, let alone own one...

    Oh well... Looking for a .380 for the wife... I guess I'll go with the Bersa Thunder Plus (good amount of bang for the buck, low maintenance, easy field strip, reliable, high cap. mag).
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  18. bhale187

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    Individual officers can not buy them, Law Enforcement agencies can buy them. I don't know why any agency would want them though, and I don't know of any agency in the US that does use them.
  19. Glock19

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    Maybe if you join the French Foreign Legion you can buy one? jk Can you switch out barrels on a 9mm model to make one? The Glock website won't even allow us to see the specs on .380 models. :-( I would like to see a single stack 9mm baby Glock along the lines of the 36, yet with more capacity. Maybe Kahr or someone makes a little .380 Glock knock off?
  20. Matthew780

    Matthew780 Very Sensitive Guy (^;)

    Now that I'm retired? I got PLENTY of time to do that. ;)
    Don't know. I'll have to look around...

    But from what I've seen, this Bersa Thunder Plus will be pretty hard to beat for the money. It's a good bit of bang for the buck, high cap. mag, easy field strip, low maintenance, reliable and it fits wife really well. I'll probably go with that.