How accurate is your Glock 26?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by sparx, Feb 3, 2012.

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    I have owned my Glock 26 G4 for quite a while now, bought it new, and still was struggling with accuracy at 40'.

    Finally today I bench rested the pistol and fired some 7 round groups to find the gun shoots consistently at 7 o'clock and the groups are about 6" or so.

    I have taken care of the pistol, cleaned the barrel from the breech as any semi auto, in fact did not use any wire brush only nylon and of course cotton patches with Hoppe's Bench Rest 9.

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  2. Kmurray96

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    I changed out the rod on my G36 to a s/s rod from . Fixed my accuracy problem right up. A slight tweak on the sights might help. Know anyone with a laser bore site?

  3. My 26 is dead on, sometimes I'm not. 40' may be tricky with the 26/27, the rod should help
  4. 7 o'clock is very typical for users that arent used to the triggers on glocks. I did the same exact crap for a loooooong time when i first started shooting glocks. Sometimes i still do on a new purchase but only for a few rounds.

    Im actually more accurate, more consistantly with my sub compacts than i am my others. You may indeed need a sight tweek......oooor more trigger time on it.

    Dont give up just yet. Keep on shooting. It will come.
  5. If they are willing to look at it make sure its 100% stock before sending it in.

    Still dont think its the gun seeing how rare it is for them to leave the factory messed up.....but not ruling it out either.
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    The only time I shoot subcompacts past 7 yards is to qualify with off duty.

    My G27 is good to 15 yards, at 25 yards I generally only hit about 5 or 6 of 8 rds into an 8x11" paper.

    My Keltec P3AT I can generally hit all 8 in the paper.
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  7. Sub compacts not accurate? Really...


  8. Kmurray96

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    Had one of my range masters in the dept. show us a little thing he does. With an empty gun he grips the gun one-handed and opens his bottom three fingers. The gun is only held by his thumb web and trigger finger. He then instructed us to watch the front sight and squeeze steady through the click. He said to hold it in any position, just keep doing it till the front sight stopped moving. Took awhile since you have to keep racking the slide on a H&K. But I'll be danged if he didn't know what he was talking about. It's even easier with the Glock. With the slide off just push down on the trigger bar to reset the trigger
  9. Thats a trick for shooting most things. A bow hunter can relax his grip on the bow, holding the grip only be pinching it between the thumb and pointer, letting it "float". It works because by reducing fingers you reduce the influence your muslces are having on the weapon. Most people grip too tightly or unevenly.
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    I shoot a 26 and a 21. I have a harder time with the shorter sight radius on the 26. That is a trigger time issue as far as I am concerned. I'm know that when I rally take my my time and am surprised when the gun goes bang, my score improves. Between shooting a SP101, Walther PPK/S and then the Glocks, the different trigger pulls can give me fits!
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    Practice, Practice, Practice. Different guns have different recoil, sight radius, and grip. Whichever one you practice with the most is the one you will shoot the best. 7 o'clock hits means your pushing the gun with your trigger finger if your right handed, most people that do this are using just the tip of their finger to pull the trigger and you need more finger than that. . I shoot my G26 out to 25 yards regularly with no problem, but it is the one I practice with the most.
  12. It's hard to say what your problem may be. My G26 is no less accurate than my G17.
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    Just got back from the range with mine. It's a tac driver. 7yds emptied 5 mags (3xG26, 2xG17)

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  14. do i see a 7 oclock flyer?;)
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    Focus on any front edge.
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    Doh!.... LOL