Houstonians: (2:30pm)

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  1. I'm heading up to Top Gun (Richmond and Fountainview) to shoot with a buddy at 2:30ish if anybody is interested in meeting up, swapping stories, shooting some paper bad guys.

    I know it's not much heads up, we just made the decision to go.

    I'm 6'5" and wearing a black shirt with the Polish Eagle silkscreened on the back.
  2. Cancelled, too busy, no parking, hour wait
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    Hour wait at a range? Wow!
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    I never go to a public range on the week-ends if I can help it...

    same as the op said...crowded, extended wait time, and I'm worried about getting shot by the noob in the next stall !!
  5. Can't tell if that's sarcasm or true surprise ;). We need a sarcasm font!
  6. I've never gone on a Sunday before, Saturdays are usually decent..

    Lesson learned: all the dads out there just got back from church and lunch with the family and needed some 'me' time and went to the range to let off steam?

    Indoor range, barricades are opaque, can't see the noobs, wouldn't see it coming anyways.

    Otherwise, the ROs are diligent and there's a camera on each lane where the counter jockeys can watch for problems/noobs. They'll appear like magic when somebody seems to be having a problem.