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  1. Let's talk Houston facilities?

    I occasionally visit Top Gun (Fountainview and Richmond, indoor range), but think most of the kids behind the counter aren't exactly sources of extensive knowledge and the 'store' is pathetic, 3 to 4 times as many guns for rent than for sale, and the prices are above MSRP (they probably only sell to uneducated buyers which says something about their ethics). Similar in knowledge and prices as a generic big box store.

    The range is alright, a little tight and $15 an hour per person (even if sharing a line) is quite ridiculous. I don't think they have any leagues or anything of the sort: there's not much communication going on.

    Ammo prices are ridiculous and you must buy their ammo if you rent their guns (I get that, but their prices are for chumps or folks without their own firearms)

    Best reason: LOTS of models to rent, it's how I settled on my G30!

    I go because hourly price is comparable to other indoor ranges, it's closest to me. I go, I shoot, I leave... It's not the friendliest environment, even if the patrons are. It's not well laid out or designed to encourage social interactions.

    I've been to The Arms Room (indoor range) down in League City (friend invited me), and it's infinitely better... The 'kids' only man the range counter while the more knowledgeable folks man the well stocked store. Also they have IDPA-like shoots that shut down the entire range. It is quite fun and a great opportunity to learn from others. I think regular range fee is also $15, but I don't know if you can share (and save) or if you have a time limit.

    Too bad I live near Top Gun.

    Where in the greater Houston area do you shoot and share your opinions!
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    There is a range out near Memorial City Mall area that I believe have an IDPA group. I am up in the North East side of town. Sportsman (Humble) is pretty new because they burnt down a few years back, IDPA on Tues I think. I-59 off of Eastex is a dump but cheap. Shiloh has a nice selection of firearms but the range is a bit small, IDPA on Thur. Thunder up near the Woodlands is an outdoor range and the owner is trying to upgrade the facility, IDPA is on Wed. They also have a club that they do different shooting lessons; low light, carbine, around barricade, etc. The instructor is one of the top shooters in IDPA and he loves to help new shooters. Gun Emporium in Conroe is an outdoor range and have a nice selection and they just started their IDPA group on Thursday. There is also American Shooters out at George Bush Park that is also an outdoor range and their facility is kept up very well. That is about all that I know.

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    Oh, there is one out in South Houston off of Nebraska St., close to Hwy 3 (Old Galveston Rd.). The range is around 50 years old but they keep it updated. If you want to run up to Aggieland, Champions is the best that I have found. Tons to rent and the gun shop is in the back. It is right across the street from the Aggie campus.