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Anybody going to the big show at Reliant this weekend? This semi-annual show is where I purchased my G30 for a great price.

I'm thinking of heading up this weekend to have a look-see, maybe look for a Kel Tec KSG, or a cheap SKS and grab a bullpup kit for it.

My first time at the show they had somebody doing Glock work... Maybe I'll pick up some new sites and have them installed if they're there.

Thought I'd just send out a note, maybe have a little GF meetup in the back. If I can find my stickers I'll pin one to my bag for identification.

I've been off the forum for a few months, but I'll check this thread throughout the week.

Parking $10 (so carpool if you can)
Entry $8 for adults, $4 12-17 y/o and free under 12. Metro rail drops off on Fannin from downtown.

I believe it's in Hall A, on the Fannin side, so park on the east side and save yourself the long walk through the building. .. You'll be walking enough once you're inside.
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