House Approves Cross Country Permit Bill

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by TxShooter, Dec 7, 2011.

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    We literately decided against going to OC, MD this summer because we could not CC.
    do we know the bill # ?

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    HR 822 (I think)
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    Remember still has to get through a libtard Senate THEN be signed by Obama.

    It's a good step, but it is still a long journey.
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    I think it might be a trojan horse. Look at the US DOT and all their regulations.
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    And another excuse for the Federal Gov't to get a better foothole on regulating our 2nd Amendment. You can be there will be a register...
  7. I think it's a really bad idea when the Federal government disregards the US Constitution and decides that every State has to conform to what Washington says to do.

    Like mandated seat belt laws? mandated by the US Government. Like the 1934 National Firearm Act? Mandated by the US Government.

    This Bill is absolutely dead and is just "make the voters feel good" legislation. before it passed Harry Reid, the senate majority leader said he would never call it for a vote.

    If you decide to drive cross country on any Interstate highway, change planes or trains in Chicago then you still wouldn't be able to carry concealed because the voters of Illinois have not passed concealed carry.

    What about Hawaii? Hawaii has a concealed carry law. Know how many permits have been issued?

    None, not one single concealed carry permit.

    Some States issue licenses based on training and background. How would they handle visitors from Alaska, Vermont or Arizone who don't require anything not even the permit themselves.

    If you start messing with State's rights, then we end up with an insurrection like the one in 1861.

    We used to be called "these United States" because we were all separate but acting as one. Now we are just the United States. We are fast losing our individual identities and freedoms.

    Cheering the worthless scumsuckers (from both parties) in Congress on while they work hard to destroy what we have is really not a good idea.
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    Let's be absolutely clear about this - Pennsylvania's licensing requirements are much more lenient than Ohio's. Ohio refuses to recognize a PA permit, so PA in turn refuses to recognize my Ohio permit.

    If I set one toe over the PA line, I'm suddenly a felon under their laws? That's asinine. The only "crime" I would be guilty of would be having fallen through a bureaucratic crack.

    If the states want to keep their rights, they have to do right by the people in their jurisdictions. If they refuse to do so, the federal government will step in.
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    Actually, thats not true, if u open carry in pa, u dont need a license, so if u dont need a license, there is nothing to recognize
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    You can get a PA nonresident permit for about $25-$30 bucks as long as you have one from Ohio, then have no worries.
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    We are so conditioned!

    There is no constitutional basis for a drivers license, SSN, CHL, etc. If a state wants to require it then you have the option of not entering that state or getting one.

    The states have lost their sovereignty to the point that we see America as one big state that the .gov controls.

    Even the notion that a fed lic is a good thing is foreign to how the founders set it up.

    But, since the days of a Constitutional United States are long gone, I'd rather have a Fed. permission slip for the 2nd Amend. than the hoops I have to jump through now for each state's permission.
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    your only stating half of it,
    You CAN open carry in PA @ 18 without a permit, but you CANNOT enter a vehicle with it on your side or carry in a "first class" city in public.
    Ohio is very similar you CAN open cary in OH but once again there are MANY restrictions.

    You have to hav a CCW to keep that gun on your side at all times.
  13. rivalarrival

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    Yes, and I'll probably end up doing that. I occasionally work near the PA line, and it would suck to get lost out that direction and inadvertently become a felon. :rolleyes:

    Still, it's pretty damn annoying to have to do that, and it's pretty easy to get confused. Some states recognize the resident permit of another state, but refuse to recognize the non-resident permit; the laws on police stops are different - in Ohio, you have to announce that you're carrying; in WV, you apparently do not? I guess it just really annoys me that the combination of idiotic bureaucracy and confusion can be a felony.
  14. rivalarrival

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    That's pretty much it, and the main reason I got a CCW. The transport laws without CCW are pretty asinine. If you have a loaded magazine in a locked compartment of your trailer, you have to transport the firearm as a loaded weapon - inaccessible to anyone in the vehicle without leaving the vehicle. Any cop who wants to give you grief can probably find some arcane reason why the way you're transporting them is illegal. (Not that cops in general would do this; most I've met are plenty happy with civilian firearms use. It's just a few jackasses who set the bad-cop stereotype)
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    All good points, i think the gentlemen with the best idea was to get a pa permit, which if u have one from ohio, u can get one in Pa, or get one from florida. and youll be good for thirty some states

    As far as the guy with the G17 vs G19, one guy said it best, get them both :)
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    It takes about 5-10 days to get it back from the Centre County Sheriff office, one of the friendlies, but after Jan 1 you can no longer get it by mail, you have to travel to the state to get it so you might want to hurry. All the forms can be downloaded off the Centre County Sheriff website.
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    Yeah, that's the best CURRENTLY available to me, and that's how I'll be resolving the situation for myself. That doesn't make it ideal, or even adequate. The combination of a PA and an Ohio license protect you in 60% of the nation, and there is no possible combination that protects you throughout the nation, or even in all states that recognize concealed carry.

    I've been bouncing around the idea of "endorsements" like those for drivers licenses. In certain states, you need only be in the state to carry concealed. In other states, you just need a background check. In some you need classes and/or proof of competency. In some you need to show cause by demonstrating a clear and present danger to yourself.

    To carry in Indiana, you'd only need the background check. An Indiana resident with a background check endorsement would be able to carry in any state that required a background check. Their basic license would not be good in Ohio; Ohio requires a background check, a class, and proof of competency. This Indiana resident should be able to get education and competency endorsements, and have his license recognized in any state that requires them.

    "May Issue" states require some combination of the above and evidence of clear and present danger to the holder. A competent court usually makes this determination, and under the full faith and credit clause, that decision should be recognized throughout the nation.

    Allow states to select which endorsements they require, and allow every other state to issue those endorsements. That should resolve all of the "states rights" issues.
  18. rivalarrival

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    From their site:

    Looks like I might have to go with a Florida license, even though I'll probably never set foot in the state. :rolleyes:
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    I have one from PA even though I have never been there and no plans of going, but I travel to VA a lot and they honor the PA but not the Georgia one from my home state.
    I have the same problem though, when mine expires I will have to get one from somewhere else. FL does look like a good choice
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    I need to move out of CA!!!!

    I have a question about Ca, i live in a state with some of the worst restrictions, i know i can open carry with horrible restrictions and when i get in a car i have to put it in a truck, or locked out of reach, etc. but how would this act work if i were to, lets say, have a ccw from utah, or nevada, and carry in ca, the bill states that you can carry across state lines, if i live in ca, have a UT ccw and walk around my town, does that make it ok, or is it like if i lived in UT and was in CA it would be ok.:confused::confused::confused::confused:
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