Houge Grip: Thoughts

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  1. I've got several friends that use a Houge Grip on their Glock's, and various other pistols. Just looking for opinions here & pro's & cons of other shooters that have used them.
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    I used one for about 8 years (not the same one they do split). Someone suggested I try hockey tape.........I'm sold.

    The part I didn't like about the Hogue was the rubber would grab clothing and you'd start printing pretty quick if you were CC.

    The thing I like about the hockey tape is when it's dry it's NOT tacky, but once your palms start getting sweaty is starts getting tacky.

    You can also make it as thin or thick as you want, you can customize the width pretty well, whereas the Hogue is a one size fits all.

    I'm not trying to sell you on the idea but for $3 roll of tape you can re-grip your gun several times over and it's worth experimenting with $3.

    The Hogue's last time I checked were about $12 - $15 I think and once they rot or split there pretty much done for.

  3. The clothing issue was a concern or mine. I figured if the rubber on my phone catches, a grip used for CC would as well. I like the feel of it stock personally. Thanks for the feedback.
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    The plastic gets a little slick when you sweat.....but if your comfortable with it stock stick with that.