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Evening, ladies and gents

I have been doing all my studying the last couple of months and have finally deemed it time to buy the press. I've been leaning alot towards the hornady lock n load ap progressive press and was wondering what kind of issues anybody has been having with them, if any. Any insight would be nice.
Also, been seeing some deals online for dillon 550 manual indexing presses.

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I have about 1500 9mm rounds and 200 45acp through my Hornady L-n-L AP. I don't have the case feeder or the bullet feeder. I plan on upgrading and adding the case feeder.

Overall it is a very nice unit. Having to manually load bullets and cases I can crank out 200-300 rounds per hour. With the case feeder I feel round counts per hour will be close to 400/hour.

I thought the set up instructions were a little poor however I was able to work through them. Operation is a little slow at first because you are setting up a lot of dies and watching to make sure the unit indexes properly(adjustable if needed).

As I worked with the unit, I was able to establish a rhythm that increased my round counts. If I had one complaint it would be how the unit primes cases. Feel is only ok in my opinion. If you use range pick up brass, crimped military primers can be a little difficult to prime...doable though.

The powder measure that comes with the unit is super consistent. I've double checked it many times through some of my loading sessions and found it varied from 0.0 to 0.1 grains from beginning to end. I was using AA#5.

I paid $389+shipping from Natchez plus I received 500 45acp 185gr XTP for $14.95shipping. I thought that was a pretty good deal. You will need to order shell plates for the caliber you intend to reload. If more than one caliber, I would suggest getting some of the lock and load inserts so you do not have to reset up all of your dies if you switch calibers.

My cousin bought the full AP that comes with the bullet and case feeder. He wired up the unit with counters and LEDs to let him know round counts, low primers...etc.

Overall, I would highly recommend the unit for bulk pistol reloading. I will not use it for rifle reloading because of the lube issue. If you don't have a single stage press, it is still a needed tool on the reloading shop (IMO).
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