Hornady FTX CD 9mm

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  1. I've got some of this on order. Reviews show it to be a great carry ammo. Does anyone carry/shoot this ammo? What else would be a equal/better option? Feedback welcome! Thanks!
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    I carry these in my 19. Good round but I like the Critical DUTY line better, just haven't come across any locally or I would've switched by now. Check out the Critical Duty 135gr 9mm, it comes in standard pressure and +P. Every test/review I've seen on them so far has been positive. I wish Hornady made a +P version of Critical Defense line tho...

  3. Dang it! I almost went with the Duty! Oh well, if I shoot up the Critical, I'll get some of these! Palmento State has a big ammo sale going on! Free shipping! Thanks for the info!
  4. Hornady won't likely make critical defense ammo in +p because it is designed for recoil management in smaller/pocket pistols and to reduce penetration inside homes.
  5. That is good ammo, as is Hornady lines, Corbon, Winchester Ranger, Federal Premium, Remington Golden Saber, CCI Gold Dot, etc. I think all major manufacturer top defense/duty rounds are very good or they wouldn't be in business.

    I tend to avoid +P in small guns (my G26) to help manage recoil and speed up follow-up shot sight acquisition, but to each their own.
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    Sometimes the "+P" is wasted on a short barrel.

    There is a lot of "very good" ammo, but I want the "best" so I go to Dr. Robert's information when I need a recommendation.