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    If you have made your own holster, post a picture of it. Share some info on it.


    After I polished it up...


    Before I polished it up...

    I made it from some alligator stamped cowhide I had left over from another project. I sewed it using sinew and polished it with regular black shoe polish.
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    Dude that looks sweet! Nice work! That inspires me--may have to try to make one. I have zero experience stitching leather--is it a pain?
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    Take your time, I punch each hole with a nail one at a time... Takes its toll on the fingers but the end result is very rewarding.

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    My next holster will be an IWB holster.
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    These are my first two holsters, I still use them today. Others have come a long way in quality, I need to get a pic of the next one.

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    Nice! You form the kydex yourself?

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    A shot of me wearing my holster, and how well it conceals.

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  8. i wish i still had pictures of all of the ones i made. These days i don't bother, I go to Mike P. Nobody makes a better holster.

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    I even made a mag holder to match. I would like to invest in several other holsters I have seen but they cost money, and while I have supplies sitting in my garage, I will continue to make my own, at least for now.


    Pic from an EDC thread.
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    Nice work!
    Next thing you know you'll have a business license and a 6 week backlog...;)

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    I'm not quite looking at that kind if hobby... Lol. Or at least that magnitude... Lol
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    Thanks blackwolf. Yeah, Kydex is so easy to work with it is simple. If you need to adjust or reform it just heat it back up and try again.

    A small toaster oven or a heat gun is all you need to get it soft enough to form. I use either a 2" thick piece of foam to press form the Kydex or a vacuum bag and my shop vac. The shop vac works the best if you can keep from melting the bag LOL. A cheap pair of leather gloves will help keep your fingers from getting toasted.

    All of the materials that I needed to make several holsters cost about $150 to get started.
  13. When I was making them I heated the kydex in an easy bake oven
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    I said something very similar three years ago. Keep up the good work.

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    Finished the IWB!


    Really comfortable... Practically invisible too...
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    All though these are very nice holsters there are no safety's retentions.
  17. One more thing to fail in a fight. Most home makers of kydex holsters use tension adjustments to ensure a gun will not draw without considerable force.
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    Like what Nuckinfuts said, my homemade kydex tuck holster takes a fair amount of tension to draw. Very sturdy.

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    The raw leather that I used is pretty grippy, it takes a little strength to get the gun out of them. Besides the IWB uses the belt to adjust tension. I don't wear these often, I usually wear my level 2 serpa for that very reason.