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Discussion in 'Gun Safes' started by AF1Sgt, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. AF1Sgt

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    Can't afford a real safe at the moment so I found an old yellow Flammable Locker that cost about $1,000 new on Craigslist for $100 and brought it home to turn it into a gun locker. Still gotta add lighting, add final coat of glossy black paint/lacquer, add a dehumidifier, a secure locking system, and racks for guns, but here's some pics of my progress so far. The material I lined the inside with and the shelves is polyester velour if anyone is wondering. Tell me what you all think.









  2. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    Doesn't look bad. Only problem is it can be broken into incredibly fast. Its a nice storage cabinet with a lock for the kids though.

  3. g21redman

    g21redman just wants to watch the world burn.

    I like it! way to get er done! hahaha
  4. AF1Sgt

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    Yeah, I'm still looking into ways to secure it. My wife's dad is a welder and he says he can make it pretty secure. It weigh about 300lbs empty, but I plan on bolting it to the floor to make it harder for someone to try and move it. The doors are 2.5" thick. Not solo steel, but pretty sturdy construction. Good enough to keep my 1,4 and 7 yr olds out of it. Thanks for looking at it.
  5. AF1Sgt

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    I've been looking at different sites and don't know what would work best... Under cabinet LED or LED strips or rope lights? What do you recommend?
  6. AF1Sgt

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    Hey guys, I'd like to decorate it with some cool stickers and I was thinking a big white Glock Perfection sticker would contrast good on the black; any other cool sticker ideas?
  7. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    I think it's turning out pretty good. Nice & roomy too.
  8. AF1Sgt

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    Thanks! Inside measurements 61"H x 40"W x 19"D. Not bad for $100 :)

    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    Plug: How about a "Glock Forum" sticker?

    Like! Ya done well. It's definitely a cabinet rather than a safe but a cabinet is better than nothing, right.
  10. One round LED light on the top should do it.

    IMO bad idea. Really it should just look like a cabinet, draw as little attention to it as possible. If I'm a thief and I see a big Glock sticker I know for sure you have guns and valuables in there.
  11. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    No, $100.00 was a good buy. I used to set them up for autobody shops, and they are pretty pricy. Just the wall cabinets for 3m abrasives are around $300.00. I've seen shops use them for tool lockers also, like to store paint guns, & DA's. Sometimes they would cut a rectangle slot on both sides, at the front, and run a piece of steel strapping through the slots, & installed guides on the inside of the backs of the doors. The strap would have a 90 degree bend on one end, and a hole on the other end sticking out the opposite side of the cabinet. A big padlock for the hole, & you have a hidden stockade bar to secure the doors. Just basic low dollar lockup. But we can't all afford bank vaults.

    Looks nice anyway, & the price was right.
  12. AF1Sgt

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    Good point, I'll just put a flammable liquids sticker on the outside

  13. Good idea. I kind of want to build one now lol
  14. Garry

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    Me too. Fun project that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. looks good.
  15. Agree with making efforts to keep the cabinet discrete. Robbers would go right to it if they see gun stickers on a locked cabinet. Maybe put a label on the doors saying something like Cleaning Supplies, maybe a poison control center sticker on it.

    And the cabinet is looking great BTW!
  16. Argyle64

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    A poison control sticker won't work. IF they're meth heads, which they probably are, then the chemicals are more valuable to them than the actual guns.
  17. AF1Sgt

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    OK, here's what I'm going to do... I'm going to advertise all over the outside with gun and chemical stickers and wire the cabinet with electricity and DVR it in hopes of someone attempting to break in it. It should make a good Americas Funniest Video to send in. :)
  18. Thats a good point, totally missed that one
  19. RRoss

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    I have these mounted on the inside of the door frame of my pistol safe powered by 2-9v batteries. Works great and you don't have to worry about electricity being anu and not being able to see your guns.