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Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by buddy157, Sep 28, 2020.

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    What state if you dont mind me asking
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    i read thru the USCCA site. they seem to insure you if you have a CCW, which i do not have. i emailed them for help in answering my questions, they have not responded.

    my questions were, can i still buy thier insurance for home defense?

    i cannot recall the other question

    i tried another site, CCW safe, they too say one MUST be CCW .
    and CCW safe, does not even write coverage in my state.

    there is another site, Armed citizen defense group, but i didn't even bother, they can deny your case up front. and that's the site that Massaud(??) is a member of as an expert witness.
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    not sure on the ccw question, but they will cover my wife if there was an in house defense situation that she had to handle, even though she's not a member, nor permitted.

    just went online and I'm going to ask for you.
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    yes, but does your wife have a CCW..??

    and if i recall, they cover the family of the main member?

    that's why she may be covered?
  6. mattm

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    Tyler B (9/30/2020, 10:52:29 AM): Hello, Matthew. Thank you for contacting the USCCA, my name is Tyler. How may I assist you?
    Matthew (9/30/2020, 10:53:46 AM): hi Tyler. Got a forum friend I recommended USCCA to. He is a new shooter, not yet permitted in the State of RI, an dis wondering if USCCA coverage would cover him for a home defense situation.
    Tyler B (9/30/2020, 10:55:10 AM): A permit is not needed to get our memberships protection, Matthew.
    Matthew (9/30/2020, 10:56:16 AM): thanks Tyler. Just saying, suppose he was headed to the range, had an issue, and had to use his gun...you'd have his back?
    Tyler B (9/30/2020, 10:57:56 AM): We protect our members in a self defense incident with any legal weapon of opportunity.
    Matthew (9/30/2020, 10:58:28 AM): ok, thanks, I'll copy this and show him. Appreciated. Thanks, have a good day.
    Tyler B (9/30/2020, 10:59:14 AM): Of course!

    How did I do? Tell me here: https://www.research.net/r/BBHF9RK?aid=0050a000...

    It’s been a pleasure helping and chatting with you today! Thank you for chatting with the USCCA and being a member of our family, have a wonderful day and stay safe!

    Please click the “End” button at the top right corner to end this chat.

    -Tyler B.
    Tyler B (9/30/2020, 10:59:34 AM): Don't forget about the referral program!
    Matthew (9/30/2020, 11:00:50 AM): ok, will do.

    no, wife is not permitted.
  7. mattm

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    the way I'm seeing this, you might get charged for not having a permit in a defense situation, but it'd be getting defended along with the homicide or whatever else the prosecuter came up with.
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    Fortunately I've never had a home break-in, but I was car-jacked back in 1981 in a company vehicle while I was changing a flat tire and didn't have a gun at the time. I lost my wallet and a watch, but no physical harm came to me. It sure scared the crap out of me though because the guy holding the gun was "amped up" on something.
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    ok first, thank you for contacting USCCA

    next, in my state, we are NOT required to retreat, when in our home.

    however, if i were in my back/front yard, and had my gun with me, i'd HAVE a duty to retreat, unless my back was up against the wall.

    with out a CCW, i'd be charged with firing a gun with-in city limits.

    now, if i should shoot someone say going to or coming back from the range, with out a CCW, i'd be charged with carrying a firearm with out a permit. i think if i recall, that's a misdemeanor here.

    i'll look further into the USCCA, when i can get up a years worth of membership, as it'll be cheaper than paying monthly.

    thanks again!
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  10. Bayou

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    I'm glad there are guys out there that do conceal carry, but it's just not for me.
    A gun at the ready in my home and in my car is as far as I'm going to take it.
    I just don't want the responsibility and I darn sure don't want to pay for any
    more insurance which I would think is needed if you're going to CC. I have a
    hatred deep in my soul for insurance companies; they are a bunch of damn
    crooks themselves.
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    You're quite welcome. When I upgraded, they sent a nice package as well, t-shirt (so much for their grey man philosophy :p), educational book, and a real nice pistol bag, which allows me to bring 6 pistols to the club, further confusing me on each guns poa/poi but it seems like it will last long enough for me to eventually figure this out :rolleyes:.
    There's some lawspeak vids on YouTube, and USCCA has a good rep of just paying the attorney promptly without any bs.
  12. buddy157

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    yeah, last night i watched about a 30 min video, from that warrior poet guy, that had an attorney that at one time? worked for USCCA. very informative video, which got me to start this thread
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  13. JakeE

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    Neighbor had some activity last night and made me wonder if I should get a ring camera or something to be more aware
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  14. mattm

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    I've had 2 tresspassers I'm aware of in 25 years. One got wrapped up in some loose uncoiled roll of chicken wire( that one was hilarious), the other stepped on an upturned garden rake. I like to lay little traps around the sheds, house, and walkways. Aholes are nervous enough, when they trip over something sharp and metallic they seem to lose their nerve.
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  15. Greywood

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    The Arlo cameras work great also.
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    2 for me in 25 years too.

    One cadet jogging on the trail spotted my garden hose for a drink. Let that one go with a "don't do it again"

    Drunk on the trail came running down when the wife was mowing, hit him with a stout tree branch before wife noticed his presence.
  17. Bayou

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    I’ve been thinking about a Ring camera or something similar. Do those work OK?
  18. Firedog

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    After my friends landscaping business got robbed he told statie he gonna put out his bear traps. Statie said dont do it i will have to arrest you! I say if the person was there to do no good, he surely didnt tell some one "hey im going to rob Jacks house be back in a while" so no one will miss him right? Every state has mine shafts, quarry holes and pig farms
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    That figures; a criminal could get hurt very bad stepping on a bear trap. Wouldn't that be terrible?..LOL
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  20. John in AR

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    A camera that records either to the cloud or to an on-site recorder in a secured area is a very good thing. It makes the cops' and prosecutors' jobs blindingly easy, makes it so the prosecutor goes for a full-court win instead of making a slap-on-the-wrist deal with the scumbags, and makes the cops appreciate how easy you made their job (yes, really, at least in my area). Good, recorded cameras put the scumbags in jail very nicely, you can buy a UHD 4K camera for $75 or less, and a 4K recorder for $250 including a 3 terabyte hard drive.

    As would a UPS driver making a delivery, a neighbor coming to check on something strange in my yard while I was gone, a random puppy that crossed the yard, or a kid that got lost in the woods and saw my house as a chance to find help. And if there's nobody around to help them, a bear trap becomes a fatal trap in very short order.

    No auto-tripping booby traps on the property for me personally; just as with a tripwire-activated shotgun pointing at your door or other things that kill indiscriminately. Killing indiscriminately seems like a bad idea to me, but I'm funny that way.
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