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Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by buddy157, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. buddy157

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    for home defense..........

    ok, so i have a Glock 17, with 2 loaded magazines with Federal HST Hollow points.
    the gun is in a place i can get to easy enough.

    but here's the thing. if i ever have to use it, the police will confiscate it and run thier testing on it, and here (as i was told) they engrave the case number, and other ID remarks into the gun. after they do all that damage to a $600 gun, i'd not be too happy.

    so, i have a new Taurus G3c, that cost only about $300. i can easily part ways with the Taurus.

    what so you think/say about the situation about not ever getting back a gun from the police, or getting it back, and it's all "mucked up"?

    ok next, the Taurus G3c has 12 rd mags. should all 12 rds be loaded, or maybe only 10 rnds?

    my Glock for instance has 17 rd mags, but i only load them to 15 rds.

    i do not load to the max, only because i do not want the mag springs to be over worked sitting still.

    in the end, the Glock will still be "at the ready" as a back up to the Taurus.

    i do take each gun (all my guns are in a rotation to go to the range for a work out)

    comments? suggestions? advice?

    thanks in advance to all respondents.
  2. Lucian_253

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    In my bedroom at night I have a Glock 20 in a biometric drop safe. Usually the gun I carried that day behind my head in cubby on night stand. Which ever carry gun I used that day has a single gun carry bag that has mag holders on the outside of it. Then my body armor is across the room with 2x 10mm mags on it. Oh I usually have a long gun under my bed, that I put back in big safe ever am.

  3. Lucian_253

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    Here is the pistol bags I use. I pull out of safe when I take out whatever edc gun I’m using. I like how it holds several mags ready to go.
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  4. Olga17

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    Your gun may be gone for quite a while before returned if @ all.

    Use the throw-away gun since you can easily part with it.

    The more rounds you place into an assailant the worse your court hearing will be.

    In the end I'd prefer some old gunshow $150 shotgun as a backup.

    Note: Do you have insurance for the SHTF event!!! ;););)
    Once firearms are present in the home insurance is almost a must have.

    Summary: Guns you like and enjoy keep around for enjoyment purposes.
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  5. mattm

    mattm last one, I promise Supporter

    Yeah, I'd use the Taurus as primary in your case. What Olga said. Insurance, like USCCA, is imo,a must have. Shotguns are cheap, if you can get one these days, and are known as being purchased for defensive purposes and sporting activities. Cripe, even Biden likes them. :p
  6. Lucian_253

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    To answer your question more directly. I use glocks, mossberg, & milspec ar for home defense, self defense. To me on the pistol side I can live with losing a Glock in a justified shooting. Would actually be the least of my worries.
  7. LostinTexas

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    Where do you live?
    Rarely are weapons confiscated in SD/HD situations, and defacing them would be severely chastised and probably have a lot of people lose jobs over it.
    Leaving a couple of rounds out of a magazine has been pretty much debunked, but it seems a member here, or was it somewhere else, just chimed in and said he lost spring tension after just a couple of years. I have loaded mags that are still more than serviceable that have been loaded for the better part of the last ten years.
    If you are confident enough to trust your life to the Taurus, and the G3 have had stellar reviews, then use that to make yourself feel better.
    I would add to inquire about the reality of your local laws, and not rely on internet lore, if you haven't already.
    Happy Obsessing
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  8. Firedog

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    why call the police after a home invasion? as long as you and your family are ok. You must know an excavator
  9. buddy157

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    my basement has wooden floors. easy to pull up, dig a shallow grave, add lime, bury and reboard.....lol
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  10. buddy157

    buddy157 Active Member

    thing is, under duress or fear, don't some people "over do it" when shooting in self/home defense?
    if i should ever encounter an intruder, i can only hope that i have my faculties about me, and not over do the firing.
    i was a actually thinking about the Maverick 88 for a back up shot gun, under $200

    i only have ordinary home owners insurance, when i went to the USCCA site, thier monthly rates were a bit too high, and i am on retirement, which with other bills, i cannot budget anymore monies right now.

    i live up here in New England, and according to at least 4 people either at the range (RSO's) or the gun store, it was what i was told the cops do up here, and that is engraving the court case number into the guns. rather than use say a cardboard tag attached to the gun. i dunno, it was what i was told, i don't know if they actually had that happen to them, or they "heard it" from someone in law enforcement (they all deal with current and former cops as customers).

    regarding the not fully loading up magazines? this i heard at least a 1,000 opinions about. some say do not fully load to max, some say load to the max. some say they have had thiers loaded for like 10 years, and no problems. some have said thier springs weakened.

    thanks everyone for your opinions/advice.

    as for the USCCA, if i can, i will try to find a way to budget for that. but when one is no longer working, extra monies are harder to come by. cuz if it were any easier, i'd be buying a new gun monthly. and i got a lot of guns in mind, i'd like to buy!
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  11. rbbeers

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    'Opinions'... not facts. :)

    The following links explain the changes that occur with any new magazine spring as it's used... and if it's abused.

    Spring Wear, post #4

    Spring Wear, post #10

    Spring Wear, post #5

    Spring Wear, post #6

    Spring Wear, post #8

    Best regards,

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  12. Southlake

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    $600 vs the lives of your loved ones, do we really need to discuss this?
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  13. Silver-Bolt

    Silver-Bolt Well-Known Member

    I have never heard of engraving anything on a firearm held for review. Personally I would not trust my life to a Taurus. Glocks are disposable. They are meant to be used and abused. I want something that I know will go bang when it is called upon.
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  14. John in AR

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    If taken for evidence, you may or may not get it back. You should, but sometimes things work out stupidly. That said, I've never encountered (or even heard of) a gun being defaced/engraved with the case number or other case-related things on it. It may happen, but I've not seen or heard of it.

    I've only personally dealt with one example; probably 5-6 years ago a gun that had been used by a friend's father to commit suicide got returned to the son after the case was closed, and he asked me to clean it for him. (It was a single-action revolver & had his dad's blood, hair and other gunk gumming up the action, and I don't fault him for not being up to that cleaning task.) The gun came back from the sheriff dept in a box that had the case info on it, but the gun itself had no markings that weren't factory original.

    On your idea of using the Taurus instead of the Glock in case you do have to use it and end up losing it, I'd still stick with the glock. I have a couple Taurus guns and trust them fine, but imo glock is overall a better gun. Simply put, I wouldn't intentionally use a second-tier parachute if I had a better one available.
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  15. mattm

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    $22 a month for gold coverage, which is what I have...that's what, a half hour of range time with 2 mags of ammo...the "which gun" is a moot point without coverage, because innocent or guilty, you'll be too broke to afford a round of .22lr when the courts are done with you.
    I had "silver" for a number of years,no longer offered, watched some youtube lawyerspeak vids...upped to gold, weighing the odds of living in basically a no crime area (everyone has guns and dogs, in 25 years, one guy shot his wife and one kid broke into his parents house) vs. the remote possibility of actually ever having a situation arise.
  16. HJB

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    I would use the Glock because it is more reliable and holds more rounds. I would load it with 17 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber. You would not be the first person who was up against more that one person and especially with all the stuff going on today.

    The springs will be just fine but if you are worried you can buy replacements for next to nothing.

    And a $600 gun is insignificant if an incident occurs. Be ready for thousands and thousands of $ in legal bills. The cost of the gun is not worth consideration if any of this happens.
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  17. Glockfinger

    Glockfinger Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

    Get yourself an extra used G17 then if its taken you still have a backup.
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  18. I don’t worry about having to turn over my gun in the event of an SD or HD shooting. While I wouldn’t want to lose my G27 EDC or my G22 HD gun, they are replaceable, plus there might be something else around our place that I could use to defend myself. ;)

    The lives of my family or myself are not replaceable.
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  19. LElliott

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    My Buddy's G22 was confiscated over a bogus possession charge(He forgot his CPL). He got it back after 8 YEARS! and case cleared, CPL/CCW reinstated.(USCCA or any other wasn't available then) I didn't buy a Glock to be saved from confiscation just in case I got into a justifiable SD incident. I bought 2 GLOCKS! I'd rather be alive than use in my mind a sub standard weapon my life has to depend on. Geezus, what a lame excuse to carry a sub standard gun. The logic doesn't add up. Neither does NOT carrying USCCA insurance. $22 per month for $650,000 coverage I can afford and I'm also on a low fixed income. You can spend that in one night at McDonald's ffs. Where's your priorities? Who's the retired BB stacker(REAL Anal retentive Bean counter) here? Price is NOT COST!
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  20. Greywood

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    Use the Glock as a primary! You may not have time to get to a back up and a Glock just works! Get a 12ga if you're worried about losing it. I don't care if its a 5k firearm my life and my wife's life is worth way more than the cost of a firearm.
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