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  1. Light guys it been 2 months since I bought my first pistol and yes it's a glock. G23 40 s&w and proud of it. Well my problem with it is that I HAVE NOT SHOT IT yet and it's really gettin to me. How long was it for everyone else to go to the rage and squeeze a few down range????
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  3. Lucky guy!! I'm wanting to go next weekend. But money has been an issue. Gosh I wish I could go soon
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    +1 on that
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    it was a long time before I got to shot my G22 after I bought it. Sadly, months and months.
  6. I hear ya brother. It's to dang long. In ready to shoot some lead down range. I got a couple of 100 rounds ready and some paper to shoot but still ain't been. The closest one to me is 1 hour away! Stupid ain't it?
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    Wow that sucks waiting that long. It takes me almost 5 minutes to get to the range I go to.
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    I'm in a similar boat. Although I've had my glock a few years, it's been almost 6 months since I last went shooting. I feel your pain.
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    Hey bro, it happens. Just take this time to do tons and tons of dry fire practice. Take it apart, and back together over and over. Just get familiar with it.
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    Me and the gen4 g21 went to the range the same day I picked her up but the sig I had before I had to wait 3 weeks to get time to go shoot, I couldnt go as long as you with out pulling the trigger. I feel for ya
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    That is a bummer. Every firearm I have bought I shot right after I picked it up from my ffl. Basically it went from the counter at the storw to thwir range with a couple of hundred.rounds thru it. I do that so if there is an issue with the.weapon I have my ffl dealer send it back to the factory right then and there.
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    In FL, same day. In NY, two days later. First time the range was open. I was there at opening...

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    Minutes. Took delivery of my G21, went to my car to get my eyes/ears, walked right back into the shop/range, got a lane and ripped through about 150 rounds.
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    Most of the time I shoot them before buying because 85-90 percent of the Guns I buy are used and at a discount although the cheap used guns are getting few and far between and I have had to buy a coule of new one recently. I live 2-3 min from a piece of desert we call a range and so I usually shoot it same day unless it is too late when we get home as it was when I bought the Wife her 642. It was 9 pm when we got home from Havasu so we went the next Morning!