Holster suggestions for motorcycle riding

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  1. djhinthorn

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    Hey Everyone,
    I am looking for suggestions on specific holster that work well, and are comfortable, while riding a motorcycle. Tucking in the back puts my gun right where my back hit the lip of my seat. An ankle holster may be hard to get to when I wear chaps or pant cuff straps. I have thought of tucking in the front or maybe a shoulder holster. What suggestion are out there?

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  3. david1962hd

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    Back when I was riding, I had a leather vest that had an inside pocket that a G27 fit inside it perfect.
  4. Glockmaster

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    Shoulder holster?

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  5. ADulay

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    Well, if you're going to go the "shoulder holster" road, why not save yourself a lot of problems and just OWB carry with a decent holster and a cover garment, say like YOUR CURRENT VEST??

    Much easier, cleaner, lighter, less bulk and you won't look like Sonny Crockett when you take your vest off.

    I can pick on shoulder holsters because I used to wear one. The key word is USED to wear one. It was a pain after awhile, literally.

    However, if your riding is only from library to library (or similar distances) then the shoulder holster rig will work fine.

    If you should have to make the Sturgis run, go OWB with a cover garment.

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  6. Levelcross

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    Depending on the bike you can mount a holster on the bike, then switch to your regular carry holster when you get off.
  7. I personally wear a fobus ankle holster whenever Im on the bike. I wanted something I can get at without having to get off the bike or remove gear.

    Inside the waist band works for my old ladies LCP but my Glock is a bit larger. Very comfortable once it was broken in and it has a good retention system. Im sure the nose peaks out once in a while but Im not usually around cagers for long enough that they even know what theyre looking at.
  8. I wear my IWB holster on or off the bike. I've never had any problems with it.
  9. Devinh2

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    Always have my Glock IWB while on my scoot. Never had a problem with it, and I put on a lot of miles.
  10. DaSkunk

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    I wear a vest, it has holsters sewn into the inside pockets. Very comfortable.
  11. I had a Mikes (Now blackhawk) neoprene holster sewn into the inside of my Joe Rocket Jacket. Works great, don't even feel it.
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  13. southpaw37

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    Look into 5.0 tactical gear. That's where I buy ALOT of my supplies. They have a lot of options for you.
  14. photogmack

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    You could look into the Galco Skyops, or something similar it's designed to be used while sitting. (e.g. For air marshalls.)
  15. dslmac2

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    Heard good thing about the Fobus ankle holsters.