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    My suggestions for carrying in gym shorts? Mostly 'round the house. Preferably something that covers the trigger.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Correction... *any suggestions?

  3. Uncle Mikes (Blackhawk now) Neoprene concealment holster. I use it in swim trunks also

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Got any pics?
  5. unit44justin

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    Here is nuckingfuts in his swimsuit..... Deep concealment, bet you can't find his Glock.
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    Blackhawk Neoprene Size 5 for my G26

    (Front and Back)


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    I think there is a g27 shoved up his…. well anyway…

    Any thoughts on a remora or kydex trigger cover disigns?
  8. Gun_Aficionado

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    I have been using remora quite a bit while in shorts jeans pj's sweats etc works very well you need a snug fit ( draw string ) but really nice use when untucked. Have not used trigger thingy....
  9. LOL


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  10. GlockIt

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    Thunder wear!!! I use that in the summer, it might not work for your 22 though. I only used compacts and subcompacts in it which it conceals flawlessly
  11. Boracay

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    If you're wearing any shorts that accommodate belts.. Try --> MIC HOLSTER


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    Not so much looking for deep concealment but something that covers the trigger so I feel a little more comfortable with it in my waistband and without a belt to hold a regular holster.

    I am looking into the Kydex trigger cover things cause they seem to be the most versitile. Anyone have any experience with them?

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    Thinking about getting one of those, how do you like it?
  14. Boracay

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    It has firm retention.. you can adjust the lanyard on how deep you want to sit on you hip.. it will just snap off when you draw your weapon.. Versatility, it can be use to any other Glock with the same frame size.. I love it so far.. :)
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    I now have 6 MICs. The original, the razor's edge, and 4 custom made ones that accommodate my Viridian C5L. (2 are intended for a buddy who has the same Weapon and Light). I LOVE THEM! I am wearing mine right now, minus the gun. I am at school. I simply slide it on top of my belt when I don't have my gun on me. It just sits there while I'm in class. I would not suggest using a MIC inside gym shorts. Glock's tend not to hold well inside of gym shorts waistbands (most all waistbands for that matter) because the sides are so flat/smooth as opposed to other weapons with external safeties, decockers, big mag/slide releases.

    While I have no experience with the neoprene holsters from above, I would suspect they would do a better job for what you want to do.

    In the pic I don't have my original. It is attached to a piece of furniture in my house.

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  16. neoprene is really the way to go for sweats/trunks/basketball shorts
  17. brannon67

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    So you guys conceal carry around the house? I dont understand that. Around the house? Why. Why not open carry it, or whatever, but conceal around the house?
  18. I wake up, get dressed, and it goes on like my wallet and phone. It stays there until bed. I do not open carry around the home because while my children understand a respect firearms they do not need to be constantly exposed to them. They are young and get to enjoy life without constantly concerning with safety and real life.

    My dad, an officer, carries every day of his life. For 21 years I lived with him i never could have told you for sure if he had it on him or not. Thats how it should be.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Want to give up one of those kydex covers? for a G22?
  20. brannon67

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    The thing about gym shorts, is most of the time they are very loose and flimsy. I would never carry IWB with them. I would carry in a pocket, if it was deep enough to hide and conceal the gun. I have totally changed the way I dress(some anyway) because of conceaL carry. Cargo shorts, cargo pants, make sure the polo or t shirt covers the IWB holster or the pocket where the gun is, etc. Its a thought process and planning is crucial.