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    I know this is going to get the hackles up on a lot of legitimate small business owners, but it needs to be brought up.

    Being in LE, one of the things we're taught or learn to do is recognize patterns, or more specifically change in patterns.

    There's been a lot said lately about misfires and damaged cases concerning defective ammo. Unfortunately, here in NJ particularly, it been found on our dept. ranges that some LGS owners are selling reloads in original boxes.

    Now before we have lawmakers getting involved "again", I think we should implore ammo manufacturers to place seals on their boxes. Some may already do that, but I think the industry as a whole should get on board.

    This is an insidious maneuver done by some that could lead up to someone being seriously injured. Recently on one of our ranges, after an ammo problem, it was discovered almost half of the box of WWB ammo were reloads. The incident happened at the 1 yd (weapons retention) line and could have gone real bad.

    I realize everybody is watching their bottom line, but this is something being done by a few unscrupulous LGS owners that care more for pocket than another human beings safety.

    Myself, I always and will always buy my ammo from the LGS if...if I'm going to shoot it at their range, that day.

    I only buy what I'm going to carry OD or use for home defense from a chain store.
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    scary. I'm going home to check out my ammo.

  3. Since I don't reload or know nothing about reloading......

    How can you tell the deference between a factory round and a reloaded round?
  4. Depends on the quality of the reloads.
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    Reloading Dies leave tooling marks, hand crimping looks different than machine crimping. Case re-sizeing leaves marks also. The case lengths usually vary a bit. Factory new rounds are usually very uniform, reloads just jump out because they don't have the same look as new ammo.

    And extractor marks on the cases. Only rounds that have been fired have them.
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  6. Sorry. Depends on the quality of the reloads and how much time was spent polishing brass and condition of brass. Once fired brass from a quality reloaded like or looks like new and is reloaded on commercial grade euient, so other than the brass, it is identical to new ammo.
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    Man. I hope no one gets hurt. this is serious stuff.
    I ALWAYS get my ammo from fleet farm or walmart depending on sales.
    Lgs around here charge +$4 more than fleet or walmart.
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    would that explain the difference in bullet depth sitting in the box... i have noticed it in some WWB ammo that I got from wal-mart... but i figured they just messed up...

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    Count me in on that!!!! I get my ammo straight from the distributor and give it to my customer. They don't even distribute reloads and i don't even use reloads. If I am not mistaken my Glock (a factory refirb) came with a seal on it as well…

    I think seals would be a great idea.
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    Im sure the plastic or foam inserts arent all 100% alike, as far as depth.
    I buy the loose round packs that need to be torn open.
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    Or my steel cased ammo, no reloads.there ;-)