High Threat Concealment

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  2. Pretty interesting website, though way overpriced (just my opinion).


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    Yeah, and I get the feeling attaching all that kydex together would be really ridged… still an interesting concept though...
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    Wow. Interesting.
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  5. Holy ****!! Threading a actual weapon belt through all that would be a nightmare......lmao.
  6. Cool concept but I feel like it would be too rigid and I agree its a bit overpriced

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    i dont think belt keepers would work with that system... i would hate to thread a belt through that every time i wore it... got to be rigid beyond belief too... and it costs some $$$$$$$.... besides, i like MikePs holsters better! lol
  8. It has a belt loop at every section joint.
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    The only way that would work is with clips instead of loops. I just saw on the holster that you can get it IWB. I wonder how many sizes up you would have to go to make the whole system IWB? :)

    They really should offer a no radio pouch option. I certainly don't have a need for one. Of course, I'm not a big fan of Kydex in most applications, so I'd never buy from them anyway. The only Kydex holster I've ever liked was my Crossbreed Supertuck, which is a hybrid anyway.
  10. Overpriced. I can build that for around $30 which means $150 is more realistic and even that is a touch high.

    Kydex is a terrible choice, at least for all of it.

    Crappy design.
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    Really cool. Very Rambo-ish. Lol. But I agree, prolly very uncomfortably and way too expensive.
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    But notice how small they made the price. :)
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    Vid must be something, can't access it.
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    Talk about a Batbelt!

    I think it would be a nice "bump-in-the-night" belt, but it is a wee bit expensive.
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    I like the backpacks and gear bags... But I don't think I could wear that belt you all are talking about.

    Interesting link. Thanks man.