high capacity magazine?

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  1. Hey guys, I have a quick easy question. I have a G23 and ive been looking for a very high capacity magazine. Something similar to the 33 round ones available for the 9mm glocks. Its only for fun at the range, and has no actual purpose, but Id really like to own one if they make it. Cant seem to find one though that will fit my gun. Anybody know of one?

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    Now here's you a high capacity mag!!!

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    I've tried the aftermarket 29-round .40 magazines, they're junk.

    Glock makes 22-round .40 magazines, I have two of them and they're perfectly reliable. They use the same springs as the 33-round 9mm magazines in case you need spare springs.

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    I got a few from botach they hold 31 rounds of. 40 but they do cause some minor jams every once and a while ... but there nice for the range ..even have a 28 i think round. 45 mag for my G30...
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    Absolutely useless trivia:

    The 33 round Glock "long sticks" were originally intended for use with the fully automatic G18 which is chambered in 9mm.
  6. there is a 22 round at that link also. I just found it amusing it was the first google result lol.
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    The 33rd funsticks(as we called them on Glocktalk) are the reason I stick with 9mm Glocks. :)
  8. I have a couple 31 round .40 cal mags. A friend of mine ordered them. I don't know the brand. He said they were made for the Korean military using factory Glock tooling, I don't know if this is true or not. But so far they have been 100% reliable. I also have some 22 round .40 Glock mags. They are nice.
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    I too have a 31rounder forgot who made it. But only paid $12.00 so far it's been 100% reliable

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  10. please don't speak their name here :p

  11. Yea those look exactly like mine. I got 4 for $80 w/shipping.