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Hideous Holsters

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Recently found a website that makes custom Kydex holsters mimicking the entire line of Raven Concealment. Faster shipping, Lower price, quicker build time.

Company is called Hideous Holsters.

What do you guys think?
Anyone have any experience. I ordered my RCS 04-02-12 so I should see it by the end of summer sometime. Haha.
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Thanks for the info!

Looks like great holsters and at a great price.

I ordered one for my G30. I'll let you know how I like it when it comes in.
nukinfuts29 said:
Yea see this is a big thing. There is always a new holster company showing up daily. Anybody can copy what another company is already doing, but the great part about Glock Forum is you are not stuck with unknowns. Many holster companies out there have zero idea what they are doing. Anybody can buy some kydex and/or some leather and start "making holsters". A lot of "custom holster" companies are simply reselling something someone else is doing for a higher price. Most of them LOOK good but that is about it. What kind of company makes a quality product and then names it things like "felon series" and "one bad f'n holster"? I mean seriously? Anybody who really cares about their product will give it a better name then this.

When you have a solid vendor here on Glock Forum like Mike P who makes top of the line holsters at a great price, why would you go anywhere else? If Mike's holster isn't what you thought it would be you just send it back and explain what you need and he will MAKE IT FOR YOU! Mike has heard all the horror stories of these "custom holster people" and works his rear off every day to make sure the members of this forum do not have to suffer that fate.
With all do respect, I work my "rear off" for my paycheck and would like the freedom to spend it where I please.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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