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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Overkill338, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Overkill338

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    Have any of you got a KKM 7" barrel yet? That is going to turn that thing into a BEAST! I'm super curious what kind of velocities it will produce. Like, could it be expected to see 1350 fps from an Underwood 200 grain?

    Looks like a golf club lol

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  2. Overkill338

    Overkill338 The Underwood Advocate Supporter

    Ridgerunner from 10mm-firearms.com has one and he did get 1365 fps from a 200 grain bullet..... 828 Ft/Lbs! . That's incredible!

    This is also his picture. It is a sexy rig.

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  3. GlockHowdy

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    I decided to go with the 6” kkm without the underwood mod. I hope I don’t regret these choices.


    This is my Glock 40. It has a Lone Wolf threaded barrel and their 3 chamber compensator. IMG_1289.jpg
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  6. cnutco

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    That I like. Might have to look into these options.
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  8. Overkill338

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  9. cnutco

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    Yes, I would too. Too bad it’s $1800 plus a donor gun!!!
  10. Overkill338

    Overkill338 The Underwood Advocate Supporter

    I'm betting Underwoods 10mm 220gr Hardcast might push 1500-1600fps from the 16.5" barrel and I bet that'd be a dandy Elk gun. Am I expecting too much from my beloved Ten?
  11. cnutco

    cnutco Well-Known Member Supporter

    I don’t see why not. The 135gr from a 16” barrel will send it over 2000fps.


    Makes that 10mm Hi-Point look even better. :)
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  13. cnutco

    cnutco Well-Known Member Supporter

    I don’t have much room to talk. I ordered a Kimber Super Jagare a week ago.
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  14. DAVEF

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    I have always loved lever guns and I would love to see Henry Repeating Arms build a 10mm version of their All-Weather Big Boy. If Henry would build it, I would not mind being limited to only a few guns in just one caliber. I have a Big Boy with octagon barrel and brass receiver that is quite accurate with my cowboy action level loads, capable of 5 shot groups of just over an inch at 100 yards with its open sights. That is when my eyes are working really good and the light is perfect. The rifle and load are capable of it, I just am not always capable. Shouldn't be that accurate with a 200gr bullet driven as slow as it is with its 1:38 twist rate barrel, but it is. I've carried my Bisley Super Blackhawk in a pancake holster concealed with my Henry in the truck, but to be able to carry a matching Glock 20 with a matching lever gun with lights mounted on both would be great. And, being able to reload the rifle from a Glock 20 or 29 magazine would be nice rather than using a belt or holster with cartridge loops!

    Somehow that rail just does not look correct on the forend of that Marlin! Can't carry rimless ammo in a cartridge belt, but using a Glock 29 or Glock 20 magazine to reload would be great. One other issue with this Marlin is it is not SASS approved;)
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  15. oak96

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    What is the purpose of having a TLR-6 and an RMR on the same gun?
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  16. dpk36e54

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    As to the 7" KKM SS barrel for the 10mm Model 40 - I have one and it shoots great. (Unfortunately, I don't have a chronograph to see the velocity effect.) It adds some weight and recoil dampening. I am also using a heavy tungsten dual spring/guide rod. (factory setting tension) from GS. I also put a Dawson magwell with a 1.1 ounce grip plug in it that gives it some rear balance. (Note - kind of annoying when seating the mags unless you have magazine base plates extenders)

    I also have the KKM 6" stainless barrel (very nice - accurate) and the KKM 7.25" with KKM compensator (I haven't shot this one yet.)

    My newest and currently used Model 40 10mm barrel is the 3-ported 6.5" BAR-STO stainless. It does seem to suppress recoil snap about 20-25%. Feeds well. Shoots well. The lug is purposely cut large and required some final fitting by a gunsmith - but it's nice and tight when it's finished. God Bless America.
    Cheers !
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  17. ca survivor

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    I have a KKM in my Glock 35, don't know what kind of velocity I get, is the standard length for the 35, but the KKM is a an instant accuracy job on my 35
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  18. Axehandle

    Axehandle New Member

    Lone wolf threaded barrel in mine. Trijicon RMR, steel guide rod, and thug plug in mine. Havn't chronographed anything. Recoils nice and soft.
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  19. Axehandle

    Axehandle New Member

    Added an Agency trigger later
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  20. Prayer Warrior

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    Now that's a Texas Gun :)