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    Hey y'all, my name is Jeff and professionally I am an EMT for the county I live in. I make money doing what I love, helpin people and saving lives. Now spending my money.... I spend most of my spare moolah on my new gun obsession. Since obtaining my carry permit I have owned a few guns. I started with a Walther p99 and p22. As I was enjoying myself at the range a nice fella let me try out his G17 which I immediately fell in love with. I walked out of the range and up to the counter and traded my p99 for a used G17 the owner had in stock. Soon after i decided to sell the G17 for a G19 which I love even more. And somewhere in between I also picked up a S&W M&P 15-22 and a Walther pk380. The G19 is by far my favorite and so far I'm loving this forum. Thanks for reading!
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    Hello, Jeff (WilkenJr), and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Thanks for sharing your story there, always nice to hear from a fellow Glock-convert!

    Have you tried the G26 yet? For that matter, are your Glocks Gen3 or Gen4, and if Gen4, how do you like em?

    Got any pics you'd like to share?


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    Welcome!!! The G19 is a fine weapon. Sounds like you have caught the Glock Fever. Stick around lots of good and helpful info here.
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    Welcome fellow hoosier glad to hear you like your 19 I do believe that will be my next purchase:)
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    Welcome to the forum!!!
  6. Welcome fellow hoosier!! I'm also from northwest indiana.
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    It is a gen3 and I have not shot the G26 yet but I would love to give it a go. Those baby glocks are very appealing. Pics to come!
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    Awesome! I usually shoot at blythes in valpo but I'm looking to branch out. I've heard good things about kingsbury but haven't made my way out there yet. I would like to get into competition shooting but don't know where to start up here in the region...
  9. Thats where I shoot too!! Someone else said this kingsbury place and never been there. One guy from my work goes to Debs in hammond, but it's smaller than blythes.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum wilkenjr !!