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    This is Important for All My Friends in the Lake Havasu City Area! This is a Letter from a Friend of mine who's Son, A Serving Marine, was denied access to the LHC Graduation for fear he might hand out a Recruitment card! Is this LHC or is it Berkley CA?



    Sent: Sat, May 26, 2012 8:17:39 PM

    On Thursday, May 24th, 2012, a Marine here in Lake Havasu City on "ORDERS" to do Recruiter Assistance, was told to attend the Lake Havasu High School Graduation to honor 3 brave young graduates that have enlisted into the Marine Corps.

    This Marine was denied entry to the Lake Havasu High School graduation. First reason was that he had no ticket to enter. A Veteran in the stands had an extra ticket and gave it to this Marine, he was still denied entry. The reason given that he could not enter was that in previous years they had problems with Recruiters giving out cards at the graduation. This Marine stated that he had no literature but was there only to honor the three young men and was still denied entry on "Principle". The gate keeper with the last name beginning with "M" and a man that refused to give his name, were rude and disrespectful of this Marine who is also a nine year alumni of Lake Havasu High School.

    What kind of principle could possibly keep an Honorably Serving Active Duty Marine from honoring three brave young men? Where on earth has common sense gone? How on earth does Lake Havasu City ever hope to become the "Most Patriotic City in the Nation" with behavior like this?

    Guests of the graduation were irritated and upset that this was occurring. This Marine calmed the people down and waited in the Parking Lot with the Police Officers on duty while calls were made for over 45 minutes. An officer of the Police Department was very helpful in getting this Marine into the graduation ceremony. Once in, many of the teachers and were shocked that such disrespectful treatment of one of their former students occurred.

    The night before, this Marine attended the River Valley graduation at the AVI and was respectfully welcomed and thanked for his service.

    My husband was very upset and contacted the Lake Havasu High School office the Friday morning and spoke to a secretary. He told her about what happened the night before, and she said she had heard all about it and defended the actions that occurred, because of past recruiters and said she'd pass it on to the principal.

    This Marine is MY SON! Perhaps I am too close to the situation, but this just pisses me off. My son said he just got a very small taste of what our beloved Viet Nam Veterans experienced.

    Please pass this on if you feel strongly about this.


    Laura Tusa
    President Blue Star Mothers

    If you don't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them!
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    WOW....what a travesty !! :mad:

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    Sickening, just sickening!!:mad:
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    This is shameful. None of our service members deserve to be treated this way but kudos to the Marine for the way he conducted himself.
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    To believe Americans can act that way towards a US serviceman is disgusting! After the Vietnam Era disrespect towards our boys, you would think people would see in hindsight how shameful that was. I never served in the military but believe these boys and girls are the truest Americans and should be treated as such!
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    I don't see how this could happen!!! As a Marine I would be disgusted if this happened to me. I've never run across anything like this in KY though. Good on the Marine for maintaining his composure though.
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    Wow, I'm glad I am up in San Francisco right now. I might have to take a drive and vent!
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    Are you here for the Golden Gate Bridge birthday?
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    Yeah the Mom who is a Friend of mine said it took her 2 days to calm down! I know my Marine Corps League is going to be doing some educating with the school. Havasu is a Very Patriotic Town and supports the Military. So this Clown who is in charge of the HS might just find out how unwelcome he is now in LHC!
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    Gee, I'm so surprised. Not!

    After most states de-centralized their departments of education into local school boards, look who were elected to most of the school board seats...teachers.

    So now you had the foxes watching the hen houses. Why do you think little Johnny can't tell you what the capitol of Vermont is? Or pick out Nepal on a globe? Oh, but he can come home at age 7 and tell you he isn't eating meat anymore, out of the blue.

    Now that teachers on the local level control the curriculum, our kids don't learn anything. Their "social" skills are more important than the things they need to learn to prepare them for an independent, responsible, adult life.

    Did you know in a lot of school districts in NJ, a new hire teacher gets a blank membership form to join the ACLU? One middle school in Monmouth Twsp., NJ, actually had a large wall mural of Che Guevara on one of its hallway walls.

    Teachers flat out don't teach anymore. They indoctrinate. And because they also control the local school budgets, your property taxes probably go up faster than your raises.

    I'm one of those Vietnam era veterans that used to get spit on while hitch-hiking in uniform. So, I'm not surprised that something like this could happen at a HS graduation. No, not at all. I've seen these things coming for a long time.:mad:
  12. How horribly ironic that a marine's alma-mater treated him like this... days before Memorial Day!!
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    WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I wish this had happened near me. I love educating complete ignorant idiots and this would've been a perfect opportunity for me to do so. I know this particular Marine did not have recruiting material with him but what if he did? So what. What's wrong with a Marine having recruiting material. He would be giving graduates an employment opportunity most other high schoolers wouldn't get.
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    What a total load of Horse ****, i am ashamed/appalled to confess that I am in Arizona after reading this.
    How upsetting to think that not only a member of our armed forces, but also an alumni of the very school was treated with total and utter disrespect, let alone by an institution of education.
    I unfortunately never served in the military but have several friends, relatives and loved ones currently serving or who have previously served our country and have nothing but total respect for theirs and any other individual that dedicates themselves and their lives to the service of "OUR" country to maintain the freedoms some take for granted.
    I'm torn right now between being pissed and shedding a tear,
    Ah hell I'm doing both.
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    Back in the 70's it was the norm to get negative attention while in uniform. So most of us elected to wear civvies when we travelled. I screwed up once though, while home on leave I was given free tickets to see Harry Chapin at The Greek Theater. I didn't have anything that fit, or didn't need washing, except my Dress Blues. So I wore them. I mean, how bad could it be? Outside, at night, maybe nobody would want to make a big deal over it, and the war was over for a couple of years anyway.

    The seats were good, right down in front. So far so good. Then Harry came out & started chatting the crowd up. As soon as he saw my pretty white hat he started into a rant about the military, atrocities, baby killers, horrors of war, etc...... All while looking right at me. He did have the bully pulpit, and a mic. After about 5 minutes of ranting he started to make it personal, like asking me questions & stuff. All in front of about 5,000 fans. Lots of people were starting to stand & throw things. So, I elected to retreat, with decorum. Giving my date my arm, we just walked out, looking straight ahead. The crowd cheered my leaving like they had won a great victory. No big deal really, the tickets were free, and I really wasn't a fan anyway.

    When it came on the radio that he had been run over & killed by a tractor trailer in his VW, (July 1981). I just smiled, 'cause after all, he shouldn't have been driving on a revoked license.

    I'm a true cynic. I really believe that a large part of America still hates us. They're just to afraid to say how they really feel. The upside of political correctness.

    Works for me anyway. Semper Fi-
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    Once a Marine always a marine SIR! I for one only had a hatred for those that disrespected the guys like you! I am Proud to say I am with you to the end. You just did what your country asked you to do, how many of them can say that!! They can all kiss my..... Well, we rise above that don't we. Thanks for your service Wrecker!!
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    There is a lot of Arizona hate and a lot of teacher hate in this thread. Just for the record, after Lance Corporal Tusa was finally let into the ceremony, every teacher (and former teachers of his) was disgusted at how he was treated. I have been privy to many emails circulating around school district employees discussing how appalled everyone is.

    These were the actions of one (or possibly two) man/men.

    So I am not ashamed to be a native Arizonan. I am not ashamed to be the son of two educators, who never taught political beliefs or opinions, but have taught literally hundreds to read and write. And I am not ashamed to be an LHHS alum. Well... I am a little, but not any more than I was last month.

    So focus the hate where it belongs. On some dip**** named "Mr. M."
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    Hey Havoc and Mayhem, Welcome to the forum. How about telling us what Glocks you have? Enjoy. Maybe pictures of your Glocks?
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    Welcome to the Forum Havoc and Mayhem! It is unfortunate that one or two people could cause such a problem. I work at a private university myself and know many wonderful people in education. Looking forward to seeing your Glocks.