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Discussion in 'Glock Photos' started by 890A, Jan 27, 2012.

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    I don't have a pic of the G21. By the way, it's for sale.

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    ^ yea what he said...
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    890A - that's a dang sweet collection! Is the 21 in good shape? Original or mods? How many mags? What do you want for it?
  4. The G21 is in good shape considering it's a police trade-in i traded a Kimber BP Ten II Pro for, which was a real pile of crap. It has some dim night sights on it and a magazine plug on the bottom. One mag, asking $425. It's the only Glock I don't have a box for. I shoot it just about every time i go to the range and it's just as reliable as any of the others.
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    Thanks for the prompt response. Prob a little rich for my "used" taste but thanks for the info. Would likely splurge on a new one if used at $425 was the only option. What kind of night sights do you have that are dimming?
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    Nice collection...!!
  7. I believe they are Glock factory night sights. I have it for sale on a local gun trader site and had two offers for $400 yesterday. I'm just trying to sell it to get the funds for a Gen 4 G21 and i'm not really desperate to sell. Someone will want it for the price.
  8. yeah i plan on making it a little larger. I don't really know what I would want since i don't really care for the 45 GAP or the 357 sig platforms.
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    Try going to the odd ones like OD frames or EXO slides!;) Nice collection.
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    Absolutely... Hope and am sure you will get what you want for it (the reason I didn't insult you w a low offer!).

    Thanks for the info... GREAT COLLECTION!!
  11. Nice collection!!
  12. sold it today, locally, for $400. Time to order a Gen 4
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    Yes! Congrats and have fun!