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  1. Dunphy34

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    I just bought a G19 and it's jamming. I used cheap steal casing. Is this why? Should I return it? Please any help would be great.
  2. Boracay

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    Keep Shooting.. :)

  3. david1962hd

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    Use better ammo, winchester in the white box. I think you will see a big difference.
  4. fls348

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    What he said.

    I use almost nothing but steel in my G17 and G19. I think you gun needs to (I hate to use this term) break in a bit. I've put well over 5k rounds of steel through each of my 9's other than being a bit dirty I have no issues.

    My G17 has about 7k round total through it give or take
    My G19 has over 15k rounds through it
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  6. chadsaalfrank

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    I shoot everything thru all of mine, I will buy whatever is cheap buy the case. I have shot 1000's of tulammo rounds thru several of my glocks without any issues. Even brand new never shot glocks. So I think that maybe there may be an issue with your grip.... with the cheap ammo limp wristing can come into play and noticed more frequently than if using quality rounds. Really stop and make sure your grip is firm and wrist is locked, this will happen with any gun you shoot if your grip isn't firm with you wrist. Hope this helps you.
  7. CCSir

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    Several things could be causing your issues. Did you clean it well before your fist range visit? Are you new to shooting at all? (Possible limp wrist if you would happen to be new.) Maybe try better ammo. Did it happen with both mags that came with the gun?

    Just throwing some other suggestions out for ya.:)
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Dunphy34 !!
  9. Dunphy34

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    Thank you all for your suggestions and helpful tips. Took it out today and really didn't have any issues. A couple of times the shell did not eject, do I'm a little curious about that, but other than that e everything was great!
  10. Glocked

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    Try a different ammo. If your steel casing happen to be a bit "large" for the chamber it's possible that the extractor is having a hard time pulling it out of the chamber and discarding it.
  11. Glocked

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    A more likely reason is that the powder load in that particular ammo is too light compared to your recoil spring's stiffness and it's not strong enough to push the slide back quite enough to cycle properly. Keep your wrist stiff and grip it tightly.
  12. Seawolf

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    I am going to assume it's a Gen 4 if so I recommend locking the slide back and storing it that way in your case or bag for a few days or until your next range visit. These new dual springs are very stiff and they need to be broken in so if you can't afford to throw a few hundred rounds at it right away lock the slide back and leave it for a few days.
  13. +1 on the limp wrist as a possibility...

    When I first purchase my G19 Gen3, I had a lot of FTE until I noticed that I was limp wristing and fixed my grip.

    Now I have no issues but I took my sister to the range a couple months ago and she had the same issue because of her grip.

    Seawolf's suggestion will definitely help if its the spring!

    Good luck brother!
  14. DevilDawg235

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    I've had problems with Tulammo as well. A few Stovepipes also on my G19.

    I will definatelly stay away from Tulammo's !
  15. CCSir

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    Tulammo is the only thing that ANY of my hand guns has "burped" on. It will never be feed to my hand guns AGAIN.