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Was Glock doing a Tenifer or Melonite type treatment in 2013 on Gen3 pistols? The finish on this G21's slide is nothing like the finish on my 30SF from 2014. I just haven't gotten the lighting right to correctly show the finish on the G21.

What types of finish or metal treatment was Glock doing in '13? Are they still doing it now? The reason I ask is because every time I'm in a gun shop, I look at the Glocks even though I have no intention to buy one. I'm not seeing the same look to the new guns as I'm seeing on this one.

I could be wrong. I often am.
I was in retail gun sales for a number of years and we would get in factory new Gen 3 pistols but it was after the Tenifer slide finish had been discontinued. So my theory is they must’ve made a bunch of finished slides that carried over to new production.
I could be wrong but that’s my thinking.
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