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  1. zachG23

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    What is a good glock light for my 23. Something not too pricey but is very durable.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    What is your price range?

  3. zachG23

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    HAWKENS New Member

    If your price range is sixty for light then check sportsmansguide or eBay. Just remember you get what you pay for and nothing more
  5. zachG23

    zachG23 New Member

    OK. Thanx..but IM trying to see what everyone else uses and has knowledge on lights anyone can go on eBay or Amazon an by any light.need bang for ur buck

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    The best I could offer is either of these lights at $100 shipped


    I do have cheaper lights, but I would never recommend them for a real gun, airsoft yes, real no.

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  7. dwcfastrice

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    Ditto on "you get what you pay for".

    I bought a cheapo light off of ebay that was advertised for a Glock 23. Purchased it and tested it. It flew off the pistol after 2 rounds. The light didn't "lock" onto the rail, just a spring loaded clip.

    I put it back on ebay with a caveat that it was ONLY good for an airsoft gun.

    Check out some of the stuff from NCStar. I've got a buddy who has an NCStar unit on a G19 3rd gen. Hasn't had an issue after multiple range trips.

    Hope this helps.
  8. StoneCat

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    I use the Streamlight TLR-1. As far as I'm concerned, it's either Streamlight or Surefire.
  9. ash1012

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    Here is a smith and Wesson light for 57 dollars but you get what you pay for. It is going to be harder to find a holster to fit this. If that is not a problem and 60 is the max you can spend then I'd say do some research on it and if you like what you see go for it. But I would recommend the TLR-1 if you could spring the extra 40 bucks.

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  10. Danzig

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    Unless Glock offers a light with LED's I wouldn't get one same with the Streamlight/Insight M-3. You can get the LED conv. For the M-3 but it's $51 just for the conv. I have a buddy that got the Streamlight TLR-3 for about $70 Streamlight is professional grade or save your money to get the TLR-1 or a Surefire X300.

    Once you use a LED the old xenon and halogen lights don't cut it.
  11. Glock_Fanatic

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    I have a surefire x400 that works well but it's quite a bit more then $60...
  12. jonm61

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    I'd recommend you wait until you can handle $100 and get a Streamlight TLR1. You can often find them for $90 on sale, they are LED, they're very durable and just all around quality lights.

    The TLR3 is also a good light, but it was designed for subcompacts, so on a G23, it's not going to fit snug against the triggerguard. You'll need long fingers or have to adjust to reach it. For the extra $20 or so, you'll be better off with the TLR1.
  13. xxlrg

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    I also would say to wait and get a TRL-1. I really am impressed with mine.
  14. AVGuy

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    The Streamlight TLR1S is awesome and about 100 bucks. It is worth every penny.

    HAWKENS New Member

    Its Worth it

    You should spend it. Hundred bucks for wepon tac light is well worth it. if your happy with it then buy it. If you had another chose before this one the go with it. Either way you will be happy with Streamlight Products.
  16. hollywood2979

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    I have the TLR-3 on my 23 and I like it, also the TLR1 on my 21, The question I asked myself was, am I using it to just see, or am I using to see and also blind the person/intruder that I am aiming at, at nite it will give you a definate advantage, I would wait and get a good quality light, after all your asking you gun to save your life, why not give him the proper tools to do it. :)
    P.S. If you go to the glock photos thread and you will see my 23 with the TLR3 light on it, give you an idea of what it would look like together.
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  17. AVGuy

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    The TLR1S is a huge step up from the TLR3. The TLR3 looks and feels cheap IMO. Its worth the extra 30 bucks and has strobe in case you want to disco.
  18. StoneCat

    StoneCat New Member

    Haha I don't like strobes personally. Hurts my eyes. I don't know about y'all, but anything over about 120 lumens, when I engage it against light color walls, reflects a bit and ends up stinging me. The assailant is going to get the worst of it, but I feel like he's blinded for 3 seconds and I'm blinded for 1.

    That being said, I'm damn sure going to have a light.
    "yes your honor, I was able to positively identify the defendant, who entered my home unlawfully."
  19. A_Fond_Farewell

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    Either find a used TLR-1 for under $100, or just wait until you can afford an X300.

    If you get anything new for less than $100, odds are you'll just waste you're money....
  20. TLR1 for sure. Spend a little more at first and not have to go back and spend it when you are not satisfied with the cheaper one.