Help id my g21

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by jneal, May 14, 2012.

  1. jneal

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    Hey guys... Another question for all you experts... I bought a g21 off of my father in law.... Has after market grips and a green slide... Other than that looks just like my 4th gen g17... Anyone know what gen it might be?? Also, the guns in good excellent shape... But the green paint on the slide is wearing in a bunch of spots... Any tips for a do it yourselfer to fix this?? Can I strip it?? Do I have to get it re blued?? Is this job more than a novice can handle and I should take it to a gun smith??
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    Original grip texture and also on the gen 4 has the reversible mag release. It's almost twice the size of the gen 3. Not sure if you can see my avitar, but they are both gen 4 an the mag releases are reversed cause I'm a lefty.
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  3. jonm61

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    Odds are it's a Gen3, can't be sure without pics, but here's how they go:

    Gen2, no finger grooves or accessory rail
    Gen3, finger grooves and accessory rail, no backstraps and Gen not marked on slide
    Gen4, finger grooves, accessory rail and backstraps, marked Gen4 on slide

    Also, see this thread which is about a Gen3 21.