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  1. I'm new to this forum and to Glock so I need a little help. I just bought my first Glock last week. Its a Glock 17 Gen4. I love it but the trigger feels rough to me. The factory trigger weight is 5.5lbs. I'm going to have the factory trigger weight lightened to 3.5lbs. Will that smooth out the trigger pull or is there something else that I should do to smooth out the trigger? Thanks for your help.
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    I just replaced the 5.5 connector with a Ghost 3.5 lb. I think it is a lot better...much crisper.

  3. Webphisher

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    Shoot the hell out of it. The trigger will polish itself and smooth out nicely. Changing to a 3.5 probably won't make it feel smoother, just lighter.
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    Sounds about right. Just break it in maybe?
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    Have you fired it yet? And if you have, do you have some targets you can post pics of? The patterning of your shots can be helpful in making adjustments to your grip & trigger squeeze. I'm not sure what your comparing it to when you say it feels rough. What have you shot before? If you've been pulling it all the way through, try it off the reset, it should feel much shorter & crisper.
  6. Thanks everyone. I have only put 100 rounds through it. It's shooting dead on. Accuracy is not a problem. The only thing I can compare the trigger pull to is my rifles. The trigger seems very rough compared to the rifles and shotguns I have. My rifles and shotguns are very crisp. I'm new to Glocks so It may be normal. Like someone posted earlier, it may just need breaking in. I shot a friends Sig and S&W and they had really smooth, crisp triggers. I was wondering if there is a way to make my Glock's trigger smoother.
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    I have the 3.5 lb connector installed on my glocks. My personal opinion is that it did smooth it out. Cheap upgrade and if you don't like it there is always someone to sell it to.
  8. I also did the ghost rocket upgrade.I also changed the striker spring and trigger too.I like it is light and crisp! There is no overtravel either.If you use the rocket get the yellow rear slide plate or modify the stock part.I modified mine. You need it to release the trigger so you can take it apart to adjust the connecter.I used a dremel with a file you will be doing it for a while!The stock trigger will smooth out with use.Glocks are so easy to work on.So if you change the connecter change the springs too.It makes the pull light and light primer strikes!
  9. I went to my local gunsmith and he put in a Ghost trigger assembly and it is much better. He also said it would get even better as The gun gets "broke in". Thanks everyone for your help.
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    Glad you found your fix! Did you end up doing the 3.5lb trigger?
  11. Yeah, he put the 3.5lbs trigger in. Now I just need to spend some time at the range putting rounds through it.