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    Hi everybody! Well i had my first kid 10 months ago and have been sleeping with one eye open worrying about how same my home is. So long story short Uncle Sam gave me a little back this year and I bought a Glock 23 Gen 4 a few weeks ago and have been reading the forums every day to orient myself with the weapon. I have shot my families hand guns so I have a little experience but I am still new to being a gun owner. I will be getting my CCW in April and will at the very least be carrying my gun around with me until my daughter gets married.....to a marine....and moves to an island......that is completely fortified.

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    iamthedood The dude: "This aggression will not stand, man."

    :werd: Glad you're here :)
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    I made all of my three daughter's husbands/fiance realize real quick, if you don't respect my daughter, you'll fear me.

    I told an old boyfriend of one that if he ever smacked my daughter, I'd make Hannibal Lechter look like Santa Claus.
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    My daughter is just starting to like boys, so I am getting ready for a few "conversations".
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    Welcome to the forum!!!
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    Lol my first date with my fiance, her dad showed me every single one of his guns and that he had lots of ammo for each one.
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    Lmao Awesome.
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    Oh, boy, some of the adventures I've had terrorizing "the boyfriends"!

    I have two daughters, 19 and 23. So over the years, the boyfriends eventually are brought home to be introduced to Daddy. WoooWe! Fathers: realize that it is your DUTY to terrorize these boys, and fill them with a fear so great that they would never ever entertain the thought of hurting your little girl or crossing you in ways you do not want to be crossed!

    Here's some of my gems:

    I was showing one boy one of my AR15s, and told him "This rifle fires a bullet that flies thru the air at over 3,000 feet per second... (then turn to him and ask)... How fast can you run?"

    Another one: showing the size of the live .45ACP round, I toss one over to him. I say "That's a heavy bullet, ain't it?" Then I reach over for the round with my palm open, and when he puts it in my hand I close my hand on his, squeeze, and say "You F with my daughter, and the next one's gonna come at you faster than that!"

    Or, while he and my girl are playing DDR in the living room and I am cleaning the Saiga-12 in the dining room, I casually say, "Where did you say you live, again?"

    How about this: there is a boy you don't like chatting with your little girl in the living room. Now's a good time to clean the shotgun, or the AR, and while you are doing it, keep whispering (aloud) words of love to the gun, and kissing it, while you clean.... gets the boys outta the house really quick!

    Oh, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!

    Yes, I admit it, I am evil! :D
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    Lmao OMG!! THAT WOULD BE SO ME!!! Thanks for the information!!! Dude!! Im laughing so bad right now!! Hahahah
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    One time, when my eldest was still in middle school, she calls me at work "Daddy, can I have some classmates over after school to play Dance-Dance?" so I say sure, why not? Three hours later I come home, and learn it was 7 boys (and 2 girls) who wanted to come home to play Dance-Dance (but one of the boys was so obviously gay, so only 6 "targets"). I was kinda upset, and decided that would be agood time to clean the 12-gauge.

    So I had them scoot over on the couch, and cleaned the Saiga right there on the coffee table while they tried to play videogames. By the time I was done, they were all gone. My daughter (with that fantastic rolling of the eyes that only daughters can get right) says to me in a very exasperated tone: "Dadeeee!!!"

    And all I said was this, holding my fingers up... "SEVEN boys!"

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