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Introduction of myself...I'm Chris I currently own a gen 4 Glock 22, was my first handgun purchase. I have a couple other long guns. Look forward to enoying this forum.
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Welcome, Cphelps, to the Forum!

Congratulations on getting a Glock! Wanna post a coupla pics of it?

Any mods? Any plans to mod? Any other sidearms?
Welcome. Cheers.
Welcome to the Glock Forum cphelps !!
Thanks for the welcomes...right now I don't have any mods on there, I am looking at getting a set of tritium sights.
Got any pics of that Gen4 G22 you want to share ...?!
Welcome to the Glock Forum Chris. Stick around, you will like it!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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