Hello from the Salt Lake City area.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Timothy Bath, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Timothy Bath

    Timothy Bath New Member

    Owened a Glock gen 1 or 2 G19 way back when. Just picked up a G19 gen5 MOS today. Looking to top it off with a Holosun HS507c next month. Any advice/help would greatly be appreciated!
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  2. Dark Knight

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    Welcome to the forum
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  3. Cpt. J

    Cpt. J Member

    Hello from Boise, I chose a Delta Point Pro for my G40.
    Sharp dot, clear, good battery life and auto on off.
    Congrats on ur 19 gen5, I love my G17gen 5.
    Will be headed to Moab in April for Easter Jeep Safari.[​IMG]
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  4. TheKraken

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    Welcome to the forum from Oklahoma.
    I love my 19.5 RMR. Mine is sporting the Trijicon 06.

    G19.5 RMR...jpeg
  5. Southlake

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    Welcome to the GF. Take a look at the Shield RMS. You do not need suppressor height sights as it co-witnesses with stock sights.

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  6. Toni77

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    SE Texas
    Welcome to the forum from SE Texas
  8. Danzig

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    Welcome from North Texas!
  9. Lars1

    Lars1 Active Member

    Welcome from Northeast Kansas
  10. hdstonemeister

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    Welcome to the forum from Eastern Kentucky! I'm sure someone will have some advice for you. (Sorry, all my Glocks are just plain Jane.)
  11. Pancho_Villa

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    Welcome to the forum from deep south Texas.
  12. armbruse

    armbruse Member

    Welcome from Michigan. Mine are as they come.
  13. cazbass

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum from central Kansas! My most recent Glock is a G19.5 MOS FS too. Awesome shooter! But they all are, in my opinion.
  14. glockin9

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  15. Timothy Bath

    Timothy Bath New Member

    Thank you for all the welcomes!

    I require an RMR on my pistol due to failing eyesight due to an eye disease.

    I know the Trijicon RMR is the toughest. But for me I need a larger lens.
    I’ll check out the Delta Pro before I make a final decision.
    I’ll also check out the Shield. I like that it might sit lower. But I don’t want to loose too much of the RMR’s sight picture to the iron’s as they are useless to me.

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  16. Richard Davis

    Richard Davis Well-Known Member

    Welcome sir from SW Ohio! It seems we have a "alot in common". Your original post was on my birthday, I also have a gen 5 mos fs, and I have a sister in law who now resides is in Salt Lake (beautiful place). Ya, a bit of a stretch :) Anyhow, my g19 is wearing a Trijicon RMR RM06, I believe if you go with the Holoson though, it takes the same mos plate (as the RMR). Happy plinking!
  17. Peepaw

    Peepaw Well-Known Member

    Welcome from Dixie.