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  1. Hello everyone

    Of course i'm the new guy. I've been lurking around this site for weeks now. Reading diffrent post and threads. I needed information on, to help with my weapon selection. I have been wanting to buy a Gen4 G23, or a Sig P229. I really want a brand new gun. I'm leaning towards the Glock because I really don't want to spend the extra coin on the Sig. The only issue with that is, every gun store I've been going to is trying to sell me on a Gen3 G23 not a Gen4. Now none of these stores even have a Gen4 in stock. All will have to be ordered. I was told the gun has issues with the guide rod, which I already knew thanks to this site and Youtube. Ive been told that they are hearing that the frame has cracked on people. Haven't heard that at all until I walked in the store. I've also been told that they tear up Police uniforms and holsters. I'm like, ***, where is all this coming from? Good friend of mine is telling me to just grab a Gen3. Now, I'll be honest I don't have a good reason for not wanting a Gen3 except me wanting the latest and the greatest. (Gen4)
    I'm just being honest.
    So, what do I do? Get Gen3 or Gen4 or say screw it and go for the Sig. I know this is a Glock forum but you guys seem honest in your other post so that's why I'm asking. Hopefully someone helps me out and gives me some good information.
    Thanks in advance

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    If a Gen 3 in the caliber of your choice fits and feels good in your hand, go for it. If not, or your left handed wait for the Gen 4.

    Gen 4 has a reversible mag release and grip inserts to custom fit the gun to your hand. Glock has rectified all the issues with the Gen4.

  3. I'm not knocking Sig, although I am not a big fan. I personally feel the Glock is simpler and easier to maintain, as well as rock solid performance when you need it.

    As far as gen 3 vs 4, thats all up to your personal preference. I suppose the changeable blackstrap is nice, and the ambi mag release. I'm a lefty but have shot for 30+ years with right hand releases. So I don't think I could change mags as fast with a lefty release, but that's just me. I just bought another 23 and went with the 3. Time tested and proven.
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    Hello, Punisher, and Welcome to the Forum!

    I do not have a Gen4 (yet!), both my G26 and G30 are Gen3, but I really like the idea of "customizable" grip. However, think about this: if you (like me) would buy a Gen4 for the customizable grip, I'd set it once, and then never ever ever have to tinker with it again. I'd be left with all the leftover pieces gathering dust.

    Also, I had a chance to carry a buddies' G22 RTF2, IWB, and that sucker scraped the heck out of my skin. Never again! Or maybe, OWB, next time.:D

    Just a couple of thoughts there, my $0.02 worth....
  5. Thats what I thought but these dealers are claiming otherwise.

    You sound exactly like my brother.:) He is saying the exact same thing.

    No problem, that's the kind of info im looking for. Just trying to figure out what I want to do. Only problem with your post I see, Is im not up on the Glock lingo so I don't know what the abbreviations stand for yet.:D
  6. IWB is Inside Waistband
    OWB is outside

    I have two IWB, I carry my 27 that way at times. I recommend becoming used to a few variations to carry so you can adapt to whatever your particular situation calls for at that time.

    For me the three important issues are -
    1. Concealability (not sure that's a word haha)
    2. Comfort
    3. Access
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    I personally would get a glock over a sig. Sig is a great gun but I'm a big value guy and I think you get more bang for your buck with glocks and xds (I have both love both). Knowing about glocks outstanding customer service I would have no problem buying a gen4. Bottom line, it's your coin man don't let ANYONE tell you what to buy. Get what you want! Let us know what you decide.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Punisher !!
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    To add to Target1gunnery's post:

    Gxx refers to Glock model number, of course. Substitute the "xx" with the 2-digit model number (G26 means Glock Model 26, and so on).

    RTF means Rough Textured Frame. Glock has made major changes to the frames in each major generation change. RTF is the latest, of which there are (if I am not mistaken) in common circulation the RTF2 and RTF3, both of which apply to 4th Generation Glocks. Instead of a "pebbled" texture as from Gen1 to Gen4, the RTF frames have pointed nubs that stick out, the RTF2 is rougher than the RTF3 (the nubs on the RTF3 are more subtle).

    RTF2 was offered as a factory option on late-issue 3rd Generation Glocks
    RTF3 was standardized for 4th Generation Glocks
    *Sources for above:

    For an illustrative explanation of the variations between 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation Glocks, check this link:

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