Oregon Hello From Oregon - Love the Northwest

Discussion in 'North West USA' started by gun-chickie, May 31, 2013.

  1. gun-chickie

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    So many beautiful places to shot, hunt, fish, camp, Im more of the target shooter and day camper......no tents, must have water, bed, shower,
    Guess I better to just keep it at the range so I can come home to my comforts LOL
    But I truly do love the Eastern Side of Oregon, so much freedom
  2. Dark Knight

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    Welcome to the forum from California.

  3. 2manytrucks

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    Welcome from Oregon! Btw totally agree with you about eastern Oregon
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    Welcome from another Oregonian. Beautiful state. If only we could get rid of the liberal politicians....
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    Hello from your neighbor across the river in Vancouver!!!